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Hey guys! can someone recommend me some unsolved cases to watch because lately, I'm getting interested in this kind of things.

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The death of Elisa Lam.

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JonBenet Ramsey, Black Dahlia, the tainted Tylenol in the 80s.

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William Tyrrell.

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Not that there's much on it I know of, and looking for it might send you down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theory nutjob videos on YouTube, but, I would like to see if anybody tackled the DC Madam lady being murdered, she ran an "escort" service in DC that serviced the most powerful people in Washington, she threatened to make her client list pu lic, then she just ends up dead and everyone was so willing to close book on that death. I am sorry, something smells rotten there.

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@lamprey263: Oooh I see, I will check this out! Thanks and it is true that it's hard to find gems because I would always end up on the weird side of youtube

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The missing cookie that was inside of the cookie jar.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Who are they? Where did they come from? Why are the famous and what have they done?

*In all seriousness, I don't really watch that stuff. I did just see some of True Detective, and man that is some good stuff. Especially season 1 and season 3.

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@Gaming-Planet: I don't know if you are serious or not but I'm cracking >.<

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@mrbojangles25: OH NO hahahaha! yeah I would watch True Detective sometimes

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Technically not unsolved but questionable. There is an infamous case (The Chillington Murders) in the UK where a man with a hammer attacked and killed a family.

The guy arrested was unquestionably a piece of shit. But the evidence and the British papers being hyperbole scum left a lot of things bias.

There has been a few documentaries reexamining the case 20+ years later, lawyers and detectives and they always come to the conclusion he is actually most likely innocence, with someone else who have done it, including Levi Bellfield.