Twitch streamer banned for saying only two genders

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@Jacanuk: gender is not a spectrum. It's masculinity or femininity (hyper /lower) . Emasculated male is still male, just like a chick who's taking roids like all those WMMA fighters is still female. Anything outside male and female is genetic defects. Being trans is basically not respecting your sex, and taking exogenous, dangerous, hormones for life. But when you die and get discovered 500 years later, your bone structure will still reveal your birth sex, how you felt in your brain doesn't matter, you could've thought you were king or donkey, won't make difference.

Gender is linked with biology, not really social construct. Boys tend to like playing with cars and being more violent and less conforming than girls. Girls like to play more with dolls. Because biology, not construct or society. This was done in fkin Sweden of all place, a country hell bent on destroying masculinity by forcing boys to wear dresses and be in kitchen. Outside of those classes they still showed signs of normal boy girl behaviour.

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@Ovirew said:

There are only two genders, or nature only intended for there to be two genders anyway. Mistakes happen, they're probably not meant to.

Prove that nature intends anything.