TV Shows with worst coincidences...

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I think DS9 takes the cake...It's a good show, but its so whack.

1. Dax randomly knows basically everyone, and any random person from any random planet knows Dax or has a story, including random ass women who's mother had sex with previous host or random ass Risa chick who basically fucked previous host to death. Even random Klingons who show up and somehow have extensive backround with Dax. It wouldn't be all that bad if not for the deep relationships with nearly everyone, like not just friends of friends, but freaking godfather to children and not just **** buddies but love stories, including previous wives...

2. If that couldn't get worst with Dax, Miles is on some multi-episode storyline that happened over 2 seasons, and Dax's family who we've never seen is randomly involved. In an episode I'd call corny soap opera....I see why they got canceled cause a lot of the episodes became that.

3. The Captain randomly has a vision of a woman, this 1 woman in the galaxy he needs to find, so 3D models her face, and someone randomly found a picture of her days prior inside the house he is staying at.

4. A character's parent is randomly dating the ruler of a planet, and is randomly the person whole controls the society.

5. The multi-verse is another cracked eggshell. There is no way with the things that happened in this alternate universe, that all the same exact people would be together, let alone in same part of galaxy, especially since the timeline changed in TOS when they did the whole "everyone is opposite" thing and Kirk convinced Evil Spock to change everything, add hundred years of changes, and no way DS9 has same people hanging around. Maybe I'd believe all these people still came together, except Ezri shows up in the regular universe cause Jadzia dies and Ezri was randomly on a ship when the symbiant was gonna die during transport. So opposite Ezri hows up randomly at DS9, and the insane amount of coincidences that would have to happen for Ezri to even get the symbiant is astronomical, cause people don't die at exact same time, and I don't even see how Jadiza could have had her symbaint sent off on a random Terran ship to get a new host if living under rule of Klingons.

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You're right. Dax is very much a Mary Sue. She's the most "Gene Roddenberry" character , which is probably why she's the least interesting. Her replacement character was alot better, but didn't have the correct timing (final season) to intrigrate into the show.

The "MIrror Universe" episode is more just mess about eps.

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Scrubs. Cabbage's accidental of killing Mrs. Wilk was always too serendipitous for my tastes.