Top 5 Chocolate Bars

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#1 Posted by bobaban (10560 posts) -

1. Toblerone

2. Oh Henry

3. Twix

4. Cadbury's Fruit & Nut

5. Wonderbar

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#2 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -
One through five Hershey's Dark Chocolate
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#3 Posted by Vyse_Legends (9387 posts) -

Butterfinger all the way.:P

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#4 Posted by EmpCom (3451 posts) -
1. Galaxy 2. Wispa 3. Milka 4. Cadburys 5. Bounty
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#5 Posted by Ackad (3183 posts) -
1. Godiva 2.?? 3.??? 4.???? 5. Godiva
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#6 Posted by heeweesRus (5492 posts) -

What would you guys do for a Klondike bar?

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#7 Posted by longtimelurker0 (190 posts) -

One through five Hershey's Dark ChocolateBranKetra


yes!!!! Also, I know this is'nt really a chocolate bar, but I love cookie corners peanut butter have white/black chocolate cookies,MMMmmm, me want

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#8 Posted by strategyfn (427 posts) -

1. Snickers

2. Crunch

3. Toblerone

4. Bounty

5. Twix

I had a tough time naming past my first two.

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#9 Posted by Shottayouth13- (7016 posts) -
In no particular order: 1. 3 Musketers 2. Milky Way 3. Twix 4. Snickers 5. Cadbury
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#10 Posted by envybianchi (1155 posts) -

1. Toblerone - The Classic Version ONLY (Tried every variation Toblerone came out with..... Classic is still the best hands down!)

2. Twix (Ate this for the 1st time in Junior High & fell in love with it ever since) Not the best chocolate/ingredients but something about it keeps me attached. 

3. Big Island Candies - Know for their awesome shortbread cookies but their Chocolate covered Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts are awesome! 

4. Godiva (Get it for free from work so yeah..... it's actually pretty amazing but not the price) 

5. Ghirardelli (Same as above)

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#11 Posted by madman608 (5562 posts) -

I enjoy Crunch, Butterfinger and Kit Kat bars particurally.

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#12 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3915 posts) -
Although eating these gave me red mounds all over my face, I liked 1. Jack Daniel's(no kidding if it had whiskey stuffed in it) 2. kit kat 3. Mars 4. Toblerone(white) 5. Cadbury(black forest)
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#13 Posted by sukraj (27437 posts) -

cadbury's whole nut



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#14 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (24108 posts) -
In no order: Dove Hershey's Kit-Kat Ghiradelli Butterfinger
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#15 Posted by 1oh1nine1 (779 posts) -

I'm no connoisseur, but I do know that if you're going to eat a plain old Hershey's bar, you may as well eat a bar of wax.

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#16 Posted by Large_Soda (8658 posts) -

1. Payday (I know it's not chocolate)

2. Snickers

3. Oh Henry

4. Mars

5. 3 Muskateers

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#17 Posted by PiscesChick93 (10724 posts) -

In no particular order..



Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut



Chocolate Buttons


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#18 Posted by Teenaged (31759 posts) -

1. Cadbury's milk chocolate

2. Delhaize dark chocolate with cranbery and orange bits

3. ION almond milk chocolate


4. BREAK milk chocolate


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#19 Posted by mattykovax (22693 posts) -
I do not like candy bars but if I eat one its either snickers or butterfinger.
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#20 Posted by cain006 (8625 posts) -

Kit Kat

Can't think of any more that I really like a lot. 

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#21 Posted by Smokescreened84 (2565 posts) -
In no particular order: Cadbury's Whispa Cadbury's Picnic Toffee Crisp Cadbury's Boost Bounty
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#22 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
1. nestle aero and nothing else.
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#23 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -
  1. Kit-Kat
  2. Take Five
  3. Symphony
  4. Twix
  5. Fast Break
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#24 Posted by FrostyPhantasm (8521 posts) -
No love for the Hersheys cookies n cream?
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#25 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -

No love for the Hersheys cookies n cream?FrostyPhantasm

that is a good one.  I dont usually love white chocolate, but in that (and some other cookie and cream products) I really like it.  Didn't cookies and cream go away for a bit then come back?

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#26 Posted by Starchaser187 (451 posts) -
1. Hershey's 2. Butterfinger 3. 3 Musketeers 4. Snickers 5. Crunch
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#27 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -

1. Hershey's 2. Butterfinger 3. 3 Musketeers 4. Snickers 5. CrunchStarchaser187

darn I forgot about Crunch.  funny thing is I think the thicker fun sized ones are worse tasting than the thin ones.  I dont know why but they are :P.

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#28 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (24108 posts) -
No love for the Hersheys cookies n cream?FrostyPhantasm
My favorite Hershey's bar. I also love Krackel.
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#29 Posted by sonicare (55735 posts) -

No particular order: Godiva bar, Hershey's symphony bar, Skor bar, kit-kat, twix bar

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#30 Posted by HyperWarlock (3295 posts) -

1) Fotra

2) Ghya

3) Leebr

4) Uin Fa Taren

5) Sunt' Naku

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#31 Posted by Bucked20 (6651 posts) -
1.Twix 2.Snickers 3.Hersheys cookies & cream 4.Kit kat 5.Milkyway
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#32 Posted by TheFallenDemon (13933 posts) -
Dalokohs bar
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#33 Posted by LadyBlue (4943 posts) -

Kinder Bueno & butterfingers.