To recline or not recline?

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Posted by comp_atkins (34513 posts) 3 years, 5 months ago

Poll: To recline or not recline? (5 votes)

Jam that seat into their knees! 20%
My comfort is less important than the comfort of the person behind me! 80%

So there was a story yesterday about 2 people on a flight who got in an altercation over a passenger using a device to block the seat in front of him from reclining. The ruckus caused the flight to have to be diverted.

link to story

Thoughts on this? Should a person be permitted to physically block a passenger's seat from reclining? Do you refuse to recline your seat back despite the airline giving you the option to as a courtesy to other passengers?

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I would never recline a seat if there was somebody else behind me. Assuming the asshole in front of me didn't recline their seat I have as much space as the guy behind me; why would I take away from him to give to myself? I think you'd have to be a bit of a douche. As being allowed to block the front seat from reclining? I think you should; you're guaranteeing your own space.

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Commoner class transport sucks for everyone. If I'm going to sit in a plane for 10 hours, I'll recline my seat.

It's not my fault that some people are 2 meters tall and refuse to buy business class.


What would we do when bad backs meet huge fucking dudes? Seats could be switched, but banned blocking devices should result in a fine and a trip in the luggage compartment.