The New Gamspot: Thoughts Part 1

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I am a business graduate with a marketing degree. When I first studied marketing, the very first concept that I came to learn was that marketing has shifted beyond product basis to need basis. That is, in the olden times, products could just be developed and then marketed to a certain group of people. As an example, Henry Ford could just make a model of car based on his own whims and likings, and still it would sell a lot.

But now, things are different. Products are developed on the basis of actual need, e.g. before developing, the producer does market research, gets target market feedback and develops the product accordingly.

As an example, gamespot decided to get rid of animated gif based avatars and unions. Maybe they are not the most useful or popular features of the site, but did gamespot ever ask me how important these things are? No, they just used their won "intuition" and decided on behalf of me that these features are unnecessary and I won't even flinch an eyebrow when *drumroll*, the "NEW GAMESPOT" comes without them.

Wrong, so very wrong.

It takes years of hard work to build a working relationship. For the last 12 years, I have logged in to gamespot almost everyday. There were times when I did not join in for 7 days, or even a month, but I've mostly been a daily user.

Suddenly I feel I've lost my appetite for gamespot.

Why? Did something change in me? No, not really.

Over these 12 years, I finished my studies, did my internship, got a good job, switched to another, and I've been assigned multiple jobs. From a 21 year old carefree gamer, I've become a 32 year old skeptic dad. Yeah, I got married and I have a kid now. Still, gamespot was one of my favorite sites.

But they took away my gamespot from me. It's new coke all over again.

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I am extremely disappointed with this new site. Not because of the new look or the navigation (I don't like the new navigation, though) but because they took away so many features that I liked.

They took away Fuse and replaced it with a crappy feed system with the "awesome features of Fuse" in it, even though the only feature close to being from Fuse is the ability to post personal status updates.

They took away Awesome User Blogs, which I hate because finding out about those was the reason I created an account on Gamespot in the first place.

The feed system they've implemented is terrible. It's cluttered with updates of what my friends are saying in the forums, and doesn't even let you look at an archive so you can see any updates that happened earlier that day or any other day.

I know this is my own opinion, but I think a lot of people would agree with me when I say that this new site is terrible. They've taken too many things away.

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@Danyawesomsauce I fully agree with you. Too many great things have been taken out. It looks like a poor man's

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still fucking waiting for ways to tell if you have posted in a thread/ thread has new posts. waiting for them to give us a way to go to first unread post in a thread. simple stuff.

would also like them to make so we can see others sigs.

other than that, its alright i guess.

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I am disappointed with this new site........