The Best James Bond Film?

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Posted by SythusHD (52 posts) 4 years, 4 months ago

Poll: The Best James Bond Film? (29 votes)

Dr No [1962] 0%
From Russia With Love [1963] 7%
Goldfinger [1964] 7%
Thunderball [1965] 3%
You Only Live Twice [1967] 3%
On Her Majesty's Secret Service [1969] 7%
Diamonds Are Forever [1971] 0%
Live & Let Die [1973] 7%
The Man With The Golden Gun [1974] 3%
The Spy Who Loved Me [1977] 0%
Moonraker [1979] 0%
For Your Eyes Only [1981] 0%
Octopussy [1983] 0%
A View To A Kill [1985] 0%
The Living Daylights [1987] 0%
Licence To Kill [1989] 3%
GoldenEye [1995] 14%
Tomorrow Never Dies [1997] 3%
The World Is Not Enough [1999] 0%
Die Another Day [2002] 0%
Casino Royale [2006] 21%
Quantum of Solace [2008] 0%
Skyfall [2012] 21%
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#1 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

Oh, if only the producers of "Octopussy" could foresee the evolution of colloquialisms. What a riot that would have been.

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#2 Posted by bob_toeback (11267 posts) -

What in the **** is with all these "Best of" Threads? not that there's anything wrong with it :P

I voted "Man With the Golden Gun" but "Spy Who Loved Me" "World's Not Enough" and "Casino Royale" are all excellent as well. I'm not sure what my true favorite is.

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#3 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

I would rather pick a favorite James Bond actor.

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#4 Posted by AFBrat77 (26496 posts) -

Live and Let Die......but really its a tough choice, any number of Sean Connory Bond films are good, The Spy who Loved me was good, and so was Skyfall.

Octopussy, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, and A view to a Kill were awful Roger Moore flicks when he was past his prime. Stick with his first 3. Not that big a fan of Dr. No, though it was a decent flick, guess I'm just spoiled with the later gadgets and crazy villains.

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#5 Posted by Perfect_Blue (30629 posts) -

Casino Royale by light years.

I'm one Daniel Craig away from being Bisexual, m8

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#6 Edited by JustBeYourself (686 posts) -

My top 4

1. Licence to Kill: So many things make this an enjoyable movie. A unique location for Bond (Latin America), a greater role for Q, a more personal story for Bond and some really wonderful setpieces and touches. An underrated gem I can watch over and over again

2. Goldeneye: This is probably the most gorgeous looking Bond film, I don't know why exactly but the cinematography and direction are just absolutely sublime.

3. You Only Live Twice: The 60s Japanese setting really makes this movie for me, there's a more epic feel to YOLT than some other Connery affairs particularly the dreadful "Thunderball".

4. Casino Royale: I hate Daniel Craig in the role but about 20 minutes in and I had no choice but to let my guard completely fall. Probably the Bond that keeps me on the edge of my seat the most, some truly wonderful action setpieces and it was the first Bond in a long time in which there were real emotional stakes for Bond. While many people praise Skyfall (and it is a wonderful movie), this remains Craig's greatest Bond film in my opinion.

Dishonorable mentions: Quantum of Solace (plotless, shaky-cam shit fest), Thunderball (a 20 minute underwater fight sequence with no sound, fun....not), Die Another Day (stupid stupid stupid).

Also I'm pretty sure the writers knew what they were doing with the "Octopussy" title..

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#7 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3915 posts) -

Back when I first saw this film series,the best I think that time was From Russia with Love,damn,that JB's jetpack,it's a rare thing to be found in a spy film,as of now,I chose Casino Royale

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#8 Posted by AFBrat77 (26496 posts) -

Strange how 2 people like Casino Royale best but it has no votes....

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#9 Posted by JustBeYourself (686 posts) -

@AFBrat77 said:

Strange how 2 people like Casino Royale best but it has no votes....

LOL this forum is so dead these days...

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#10 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3915 posts) -

if I happen to chose Skyfall,all I can see is that the film was released in honor of Dr. No,which was released 50 years before,and it seems that the film was the original M's last appearance,she died in the end and got the position replaced by Gareth Mallory(portrayed by Ralph Fiennes)

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#11 Posted by tocool340 (21205 posts) -

Casino Royale, no contest. I tried watching all the other post Daniel Craig Bond movies but they just couldn't keep my interest...well except Goldeneye...=P

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#12 Edited by MrGeezer (59345 posts) -

Well, the only James Bond movies I've seen were Goldeneye and Skyfall. Out of those two, I preferred Skyfall.

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#13 Posted by sukraj (27582 posts) -


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#14 Posted by Master_Live (18830 posts) -

Casino Royale.

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#15 Posted by hassaanspide (25 posts) -

I did not see every movie of it so i do like "tomorrow never dies" and "casino royale".

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#16 Posted by -ParaNormaN- (1495 posts) -

@Smashbrossive50: I believe Judi Dench is the 3rd M for the 007 universe. Skyfall was a fantastic movie though. I was sort of sad to see her go but at the same time it made M a much more stronger character and made her go with honor.

Skyfall is probably my favorite film right now, but From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, and Tomorrow Never Dies are pretty awesome too.

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#17 Edited by Smashbrossive50 (3915 posts) -

@-paranorman-: pretty much how I see it,in the whole series,the 3rd M showed honor for MI6 as a figure to remember,despite her act that would nearly kill Bond in the start of Skyfall

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#18 Posted by Sword-Demon (7007 posts) -

I voted Goldeneye

am I the only one who didn't like Casino Royale?

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#19 Posted by redstorm72 (4646 posts) -

I'm not really a Bond fan, but for me it is a toss up between Casino Royal and Skyfall.

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#20 Edited by 11_17_06 (765 posts) -

For me it would be Casino Royal, Daniel Craig revived the series, can't wait for the next bond movie.

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#21 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

Skyfall .... because it does feel organic ..... and judy dench as the real bond girl

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#22 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

Golden Eye. Just because of the game.

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#23 Posted by gkalns2311 (45 posts) -

I don't really have a favorite bond film. Sean Connery was a good bond (probably my favorite) but I thought pierce brosnan (sp?) was horrible. the newer ones with daniel craig are ok, they feel like they're missing something though.

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#24 Posted by l34052 (3778 posts) -

My favorite is OHMSS (on her majestys secret service) with george lazenby, the atmosphere and setting in the alps was fantastic and i loved it as a kid when i first watched it.

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#25 Edited by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

Goldeneye for me... Had the best characters.