Super heroes, Star Wars and Star Trek are all terrible

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Like what do the sad portion of americans see in them?. Its just ass. Its wearing some dumb tights, having super powers and win the day.

Anime is more better except the dumb high school ones. Skirts and uniforms are lame.

Either case, Super Heroes is dumb because its the same boring stuff, its just dumb fight scenes, hero saves the day with some dumb lame tights that the person is in or something. Its unrealistic, its stupid and its lame. I can't imagine why so many manchildren like this stuff. Manchildren are bad but i just didnt expect to be so many of them.

Star Trek and Star Wars is just bad, because Science fiction is stupid. Unless its more realistic like Ratchet and Clank series is. But the movies is boring old people, doing something with beep boop machines. And thats it. Like its just stupid movies that are just not interesting, its lame and i dont like it.

Yugioh 5D is better to say the least. I mean who doesn't like moped or speed or bikes?. I do for sure.

But yeah science fiction is overall just bad in general though. Like rather if you want to watch something better. Go watch Lord of the rings, those were good movies.

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Well I mean that is your opinion and I am not american. I adore Star Wars and the Marvel stuff not Star Trek though and Sci Fi is compelling to me because the genre breaks rules and places you in hypothetical situations which make you think in a completely different manner than you would if you just had to make toast. Its not just the movies we watch but Marvel and Star Wars and other genres have a lot of lore that fans like researching. Anime yes is refreshing and I have watched something called Akatsuki No Yona and Bungoes Stray Dogs, I enjoyed them. But I appreciate both of them and I think that a bit of Anime and Sci Fi is vital for good entertainment.

I find the movies interesting because they are fun. R2D2 is cute to me. XD.

But I completely understand, it seems that you on the side my mom and sister are on. Some people like this stuff, others don;t.

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@sonic91: Your entire post summed up in one word, deerrrppp.

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Never cared for sci-fi in general, but to put that ugly ass anime on a pedestal above it is just dumb. Anime is ugly, cheap, and stupid.

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I guess this whole OP is just a poor attempt at trolling? He literally said they're just stupid action movies and then said how he likes other stupid action movies.

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@sonic91 said:
Yugioh 5D is better to say the least. I mean who doesn't like moped or speed or bikes?. I do for sure.

Watch or ride the real thing instead of watching some cartoon crap.

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@sonic91: Obvious trolling is obvious. Your thread is antagonistic at best and seems more designed to anger fans of these genres rather than have an honest discussion.