Strange Discord Issue (Everything is in Chinese)

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Hey guys, maybe you can help me with issue I'm having with discord.

The admin of my server accidentally changed the language of the server to manadarin, and now my client is stuck in chinese and It wont revert to english. Everything on the server like channels, and usernames are in chinese, but chat messages are english. I have tried everything but nothing will fix it. I am so frustrated and this is a server I have alot invested into so I dont want to leave.

Does anyone else have this issue and/or know how to fix it?


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Hey man,

I had this issue a few weeks ago and Discord support told me it was a reaction to a new update they pushed out. They did give me a simple fix though.

Go to your "Discord Folder" and find the file name STARSIGN_LANGUAGE13 and change it to STARSIGN_LANGUAGE1. Thats should revert it to english.

let me know if that works!

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@drazzzzzzzz: @draculaspower: Creating fake alternate accounts to reply to your own messages is absolutely against the rules.