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I've got here several questions to Steam and/or iTunes users and to those one who like to read and/or own any e-book reader. Everybody who can answer at least one question I ask to post answer(s) in this topic. I need this for my research project. Thank you all in advance!

Steam/iTunes questions:

1. What, in your opinion, are the advantages and disadvantages of Steam/iTunes?

2. Many games require Steam to work. Would you prefer to have a choice to install or not Steam to run a game?

3. Have promotions on Steam ever made you install the app on your computer? What do you think about Steam's promotions?

4. Do you think that Steam's/iTunes' interface is user-friendly, clear, easy to use? If not, what would you change in it?

E-books readers questions:

1. Primary question - do you like to read? If yes, what do you read preferably?

2. Have you ever thought about buying an e-book reader? If yes, what made you thinking about buying it?

3. If you ever thought about buying an e-book reader, but changed your mind later, what was the reason of your resignation?

4. What, in your opinion, are the advantages and disadvantages of e-book readers?

5. In your opinion, what should be the price of a digital version of the book, if the price of the paper version of the same book is 10$?

6. And if the price of the digital version of the book is 75% of the price of its paper version, would you rather buy a digital or a paper version?

7. If you like the book you're reading, do you often check other books by the same author or published by the same publishing house that the book you're reading?

8. What are you guided by when you're choosing a book? Other reader's opinions, author of the book, reviews...?

9. If someone is recommending you a book that doesn't fit to the genre you like, would you still check this book?

10. There's a promotion like this: last five Stephen King's books for, let's say, 20-40$. Would you buy them?

11. Do you often buy books? Do you buy a book after you finish one or maybe you're buying books that interests you and you put them aside? You know, you read some book, but you go to the bookstore anyway, buy books to read later...?

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Wow. Too many questions.

Simply, Steam is great. Its easy to use. I wish all games went through Steam ( i will not get PC version of BF4 through Origin, no way ). Steam is the ONLY way i play PC games.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is the best e-reader on the market. I cant read text on normal books very well anymore, and the Kindle has made reading so much easier for me now. I read my first novel in 6 years, the new Stephen King Dr. Sleep. Reading is such a joy now. I have no problem with the price of e-books from Amazon...the prices seem very reasonable to me. I typically stick to the horror or science fiction genres. I pick and choose from reader recommendations or reviews. I buy and read one book at a time.

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When I see a poll, I will have something more to say than "When I see a poll, I will have something more to say than".

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Oh man you are going to have a blast working with data from 15 free response questions.

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Yeah, if only I would have some answers...