Sony vs Disney Marvel movies.

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So I was pondering why the spiderman movies and Xmen movies look and feel so much different than the Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk movies.

So I find out Sony owns the rights to make Spiderman and Xmen movies, and Disney owns the rights to make pretty much everything else.

You can tell the Disney made movies are more colorful and PG than the Sony made marvel movies.

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#2 Posted by BldgIrsh (3044 posts) -

Disney > Sony.

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Sony and Fox sucks at making Marvel movies. The directors they chose just messed up the story and time lines. The dumb part is that these Marvel characters can't even cameo in each other films because they're on different studios. I was worried Disney was gonna mess up Marvel but they me made a believer and I enjoy their movies more than Sony and Fox.

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@ps4hasnogames: Oh yeah Marvel is running laps around the competition right now. That being said Days of Future Past was an excellent movie. But aside from that pretty much any Avengers film is better than Spiderman or DC's Man of Steel.

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Sony's movies are crap. The only ones worth paying attention to are the first X-Men and first Spider-Man films.

Guardians of the Galaxy by itself mops the floor with Sony's entire efforts so far.

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Funnily enough, I'm not a fan of Disney's Marvel movies...they're ok, but they're not great...

Sony's Marvel movies don't bother me...