So i'm meeting a book author tomorrow ..

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Well i'm going to a convention to meet the author Reece Hirsch. He is releasing a new book, and i am going to find out tomorrow more about it while he goes into details about it. His first book goes into details about the very same building i am in, and the view to SF bay that i admire every day. Here is a video of the first chapter of his last book.

You guys ever met an author, or gone to any book conventions ?

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Never formally met an author I liked, always gone to readings and just enjoyed the show. they can be very engaging with an audience. I've personally known a few to publish academic or non-fiction kind of books, it's hit and miss really, some are pretentious and boring and others are very engaging and down to earth.

I've been to a few author events for Chuck Palahniuk, they're a lot of fun to go to.

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Get autographs and some biometrics.