So how do you report messages?

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Got a couple of messages from this guy '


it's hilarious to read, I have no idea who he is but what comment:

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Haters gonna hate

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At any time while you're in the forums, on the right side you'll see a list of forum boards...below that you have a link to contact the moderators. Use that =) (If you can't find it I'll give you the direct link)

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Lol I received a message like this one long time ago. Thankfully korvus took care of it. ;)

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Wow I don't know what you did to receive that kind of message but no matter what it was I think he could seek some help.

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Yeah I got a similar message not quite as detailed as that one.

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Hi there everyone. If you receive a message like this please private message either one of the moderators like myself, or the whole moderator team. You can message the team by following this link: Click here.

This content isn't really suitable for the forums and should be handled in private. I will go ahead a lock this thread. Have a nice day.