San Francisco is Gotham City today ..

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Yes, a 5 year old Batboy is saving our San Francisco city, which today is declared Gotham City. He is going around with Batman, in his car saving the city. Arrested Joker, saving people, and news and media is all on it. Only in San Francisco does this happen, I mean Gotham City

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Saw this on the news this morning. Awesome.

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A little fight in the kid, I like that.

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I love my city.

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All i can say is Hooray for make a wish foundation to make this 5 year old kid's dream a reality.

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@-paranorman- said:

I love my city.

me too. i didn't get to make out there but this is so awesome.

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I thought Gotham City is in New Jersey.

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Lol this is cute.

I'm sort of jelly.

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There are a lot of Robins to choose from in San Fran.

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You guys are getting seriously bored.

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That is so many kinds of awesome.

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Okay yeah you got me. Small tear in the eye by the end of the article and everything. Love that that story that made the paper was written by Clark Kent.

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I just don't get it!!!

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@angeldeb82 said:

I thought Gotham City is in New Jersey.

I love when people read the article before commenting on it.

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I'd love to visit san fransico.

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I like it.