Same-Sex marriage should not be supported because it's not a right.

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People are calling people bigots for same sex marriage, yet gay people are the ones showing you don't need marriage in the first place to love someone. They say you are bigoted because gay people should have the same rights. An act of near slavery is consider rights? It makes no sense why gay people want to go into something that locks them. Marriage involves a lot of things that limit people, one thing is that divorcing and child support, which both come with annoying penalties and fines, and sometimes, you end up like tiger woods. Look at the other things marriage "gives" people and "takes way". Exactly how is denying gay people marriage a bad thing when marriage is basically the act of limiting a relationship and being able to say "I am married" so the MASSES believe you are a real couple?
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Do we really need two threads about same sex marriage?

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Well you're clearly an idiot if you didn't realize that there's another same-sex marriage thread on the first page here, so...
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Actually the supreme court in America said numerous times that marriage is a right. So when they ever deal with the issue of same sex marriage they will confirm it is unconstitutional to oppose it.

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itt i dont like marriage therefore we are doing gay people a favor by not letting them get married. it's for their own good.
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I'm seeing double.

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Brace yourselfs

Shitstorm incoming.

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I'm beyond reasoning with these people and now I just point and laugh at them as our liberal takeover continues to spread to all corners of our culture.

Squirm all you want, it's over. We won. Things only get more liberal from here.

Deal or check out.

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So what is the point you're trying to make?
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Except you are not mentioning any of the government sanctioned benefits of marriage such as healthcare through a spouse, inheritence after death, joint-bank accounts, co-signing of documents, Social Security/Medicare/Disability via spouse, family leave care for spouses, retirement plans, stepparent adoption privilages, equitable division in cases of divorce, Home Owner's Associations can sometimes demand "families only" tenants, marital communication privilege for court cases (i.e. spouse does not have to testify against another spouse), visitation rights for jails, and a bunch of other things i cant remember.

Gay couples don't have access to these things and more.

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*yawn* More of this nonsense.

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We need another thread about this.
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Do we really need two threads about same sex marriage?

We already got one thread that's going strong.