Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Making an Evil Dead TV Series

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Here’s some groovy news out of the San Diego Comic-Con!

Moments ago Sam Raimi revealed that he’s currently developing a television series based on his The Evil Dead franchise.

During the Hall H panel discussing The Last of Us adaptation, Raimi told the crowd that he and his brother Ivan, along with Bruce Campbell, are currently writing the “Evil Dead” series!

The Fede Alvarez-directed Evil Dead remake, which hit theaters in April of 2013, bowed well for Columbia Pictures earning close to $100M worldwide. Said remake is rumored to be the third sequel – following The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness – which would eventually tie into the original trilogy.

It’s unclear how this series works into the franchise’s future, although the idea of a series and new sequels gets me all tingly on the inside.

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Sweet , looking forward to it :)

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Not sure how the hell this is gonna work, but my body is ready!

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So, like, okay. Whatever.

I liked the movies, but I honestly have a really hard time getting excited about this stuff. This is hardly some rich and interesting universe begging for future answers and stories to be told. If it works then it works (after all, I was lukewarm about the remake and I ended up liking it more than the original), but it's still stuff that's hard to get excited about. There was never anything particularly interesting about the stories or concepts, the success of these things was pretty much always about how well they executed a generic and boring idea. So, good job if it's executed well. Until then, I really don't see anything about the concept or idea to get me interested. Few (if any) of the characters have ever really mattered, and the basic story was about as boring as you can get.