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Religion is a very personal and very vital topic to many of our users and issues of faith can be a common topic of conversation in OT. While we support users discussing their beliefs, we also recognize that such discussions can turn hostile and heated. Therefore, we ask that you keep in mind the following guidelines when beginning or participating in religious discussion in our community.

Flaming is not permitted. You may not make personal attacks against other users for the presence or absence of faith. In addition, you may not direct predictions of dire personal consequence--e.g. "You're going to hell!"--to specific individuals. It's fine to talk about negative consequences for lack of belief in general, just don't apply them to specific users in the community.

Respect the beliefs of others. No matter which belief system you ascribe to, understand that you are in a public forum shared by many individuals with different beliefs. When engaging in religious discussion, treat everyone with respect.

Do not troll. Because religion is such a personal issue, if you're unscrupulous and wish to get people upset, it's often very easy to do so. Don't. If you're posting for no other reason than to send other users into a frenzy, that is a violation of our terms of use.

GameSpot is a videogame website, and while issues outside of gaming are not our focus, we recognize the importance of the freedom to discuss a variety of topics. All we ask in return is that you keep such discussion courteous and civil. Please take these guidelines to heart and help protect thoughtful discussion throughout our community.