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Show some of the best songs[That you think] for your favorite genre of the two.

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I have tons both old and new(er). But, here's a few.....

Alone - Ted Nugent

Opium - Marcy Playground

Wish - NIN

Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry

Driver 8 - REM

I Will Steal You Back - Jimmy Eat World

In the Blood - Better Than Ezra

Good Rocking Tonight - Montrose

Disappear - Hoobastank

Dreamline - Rush

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I prefer rock than rap personally. Also the instrumental song below is perfection.

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There's a lot of shit in both genres, but there's lots that also stands above the rest and is good. But what I can't stand is the hybrid of the two.

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Orchestral (is that what you call it?) + Rock = Awesome

Loved Metellica's S&M album

Here's my favorite mash up of Orchestra and Rock:

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Fight for Your Right – Beastie Boys for both rap and rock.

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Yah... going to have to disagree with you there also. Hybrid shit can be great.

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One from each:


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And as a bonus, METAL!! oh, and for those of you who are turned off by the vocal styles of modern metal, this is instrumental. No vocals. Just brutal riffage, and virtuosic lead guitar work.

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I only rap I've ever liked is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine, the both of these not being actual rap groups.