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I know there are at least a few of you out there, and perhaps there are some anglophone Canadians who can help me out.  I've been studying French for a while, but I've never really learned much about French music.  I've been wanting to learn some French songs for my guitar and I'm looking for suggestions on where to start.  I'd prefer songs done on acoustic, doesn't have to be anything really complex or difficult.  Any suggestions are welcome, I'm open to a lot of different types of music and I'm willing to give anything a chance.  Band names would be good because I don't even know where to start, but if you have a specific song you'd like to suggest that'd work too.  And just to be clear it doesn't have to be just bands from France, any French language bands will do.  

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Maybe Louis-Jean Cormier? I'm no expert on French music, but I hear he's pretty good.
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Manu Chao is great this song starts english then goes into french. Easy chords. Most of his stuff is spanish and english though.

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Thanks for the suggestions, looked up some of these songs and started on them.  I saw them mention this music festival in Quebec, I think I'll look into some of the artists that perform there as well.  This may be a tougher question to answer, but does anyone know where I can get tabs for some of these groups?  My usual tab sites don't have a great selection, maybe there's a .fr site or something?

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Chords at bottom

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#6 Posted by lonewolf604 (8640 posts) - Its the anus song.
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made this list before I realized you wanted guitar songs to play, but, um, anyway here's some French music I'd recommend


Debussy, Satie, Faure, Ravel

Serge Gainsbourg (Histoire de Melody Nelson)

Jane Birkin (Ex Fan des Sixties)

France Gall (Baby Pop)

Francoise Hardy (La Question)

Jacques Dutronc (S/T 1968)

The Limiñanas (Crystal Anis)

Air (Moon Safari)

Jacques Brel

Natural Snow Buildings (Dance of the Moon and Sun)

Kangding Ray (Automne Fold)

Carla Bruni


Daft Punk