Pepper your angus, the GOD of hypercars has arrived

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@themajormayor: uh huh

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HOLY S%&T, 2G cornering?! Downforce figures are lesser than mclaren P1, they could have done more at the back area.

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@themajormayor: yes

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@thegerg said:

Mmm, peppered anus.

ROFL i read pepper your anus

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@thegerg: No. Ignorance FTL.

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@themajormayor: @thegerg:

Really, you guys?

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@Mozelleple112 said:

@darkmark91 said:

What is the price of this bad boy?

I read somewhere that it has a price tag of 22 million SEK in Sweden, which is about $3.4 million (!)

According to this article it is uncertain but some sources say over $2,000,000

That is a few millions out of my price range :/