OT, what kind of phone do you use and do you like it?

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#1 Posted by chrisrooR (9027 posts) -

I'm currently using an iPhone 4S and it's great.

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#2 Posted by CHOASXIII (14696 posts) -

Droid Incredible 2 and yes. 

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#3 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2167 posts) -

A T-Mobile myTouch, and yes I do really like it, especially because it was free.

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#4 Posted by harry_james_pot (11399 posts) -
Sony Xperia P, and yes.
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#5 Posted by MonsieurX (37215 posts) -
Traded my Xperia U for a Galaxy S2,couldn't be happier
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#6 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1231 posts) -
droid razr and I love it.
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#7 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -
I have a Samsung A707 flip phone. RIght now I dont either like it or dont,. The phone does actually what I need it for.
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#8 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (24119 posts) -
iPhone 4, and yes, I love it! :P
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#9 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (387 posts) -
Samsung Galaxy S3 over here, I really like it, but I can see how it would be too big for a lot of people.
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#10 Posted by Zeviander (9503 posts) -
Samsung Galaxy S (Gen I) Captivate Good gourd no. I hate the fvcking thing. It's a single core with 329 MB of RAM (that idles at about 250) and slow as all hell when running more than one program at a time. The only reason I still have it is because it would have cost me a fortune to dump my 3-year contract (half the monthly payment for every month left, which is $32.50/month). I've got less than a year left and will be making more money soon, so I'll probably buy it out over the summer, or just wait it out for the Galaxy SIV in 2014 (in both cases, I'll buy the phone outright and go month-to-month). Or, go the alternate route and just get a dumb phone and Nexus 7 tablet.
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#11 Posted by Toxic-Seahorse (5011 posts) -
HTC Arrive - WP7. Love it.
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#12 Posted by sammyjenkis898 (28392 posts) -
iPhone 4S. I love it.
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#13 Posted by Guppy507 (17401 posts) -
iPhone 5. It's amazing, especially after 3 years with my HTC Incredible.
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#14 Posted by Zombiekiller360 (389 posts) -

Galaxy S 3!

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#15 Posted by Cyanide4Suicid3 (733 posts) -
Im using the Motorola Atrix 2. It's alright. I rarely ever use it though. I dont like talking on the phone that much, lol. I dont even like texting that much.
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#16 Posted by CreatureRising (1541 posts) -

Motorola Razr Max.  Really great phone.  

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#17 Posted by Dogswithguns (11359 posts) -
Sharp FX Plus, not bad for an inexpensive phone.
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#18 Posted by JohnF111 (14187 posts) -
iPhone 4S and I hate it. It freezes, has poor battery life and has an outdated interface. The good things are the app selection and when I go to sell it I can get a good price for it.
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#19 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
Nexus 4, and yes.
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#20 Posted by JohnF111 (14187 posts) -
Nexus 4, and yes.Fightingfan
Gimme or die.
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#21 Posted by TonyDanzaFan (2973 posts) -
Iphone 5 and yes I enjoy it very much.
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#22 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
Why do you guys sign contracts?
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#23 Posted by hartsickdiscipl (14787 posts) -

Samsung Galaxy S2.  It does everything I need right now.  I like it.  

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#24 Posted by CWEBB04z (4875 posts) -
hahaha I feel poor. I have a HTC One V from Virgin Mobile. and I dont mind it.
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#25 Posted by themagicbum9720 (6536 posts) -
samsung galaxy note 2. i bought it unlocked. its been off the chargerfor 2 days and 15 hours as of this post and im only at 66% battery. i am using a battery saving app and ive been at work, but it's still lasting longer than my old phone, which died in less than 8 hours due to me never taking it off the charger. very good phone. unlimited everything for only 30 a month too, beats a contract.
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#26 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
iPhone 5 - Loving this thing!
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#27 Posted by VanHelsingBoA64 (5455 posts) -
nexus. i am satisfied with it.
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#28 Posted by Bikouchu35 (8213 posts) -

Currently on the iphone 5, boy does it feel like Apple lagging behind on screen size. 4" feels too small, would had liked ~4.3, but I like the phone simple and I'm already accustomed to the os look. The other new phones are too big imo.

Seems like quite a few have the s2 on here more than I see irl, though I've been seeing alot of s3 around.

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#29 Posted by lo_Pine (4978 posts) -
Galaxy s3, I don't really like Android all that much. I'd probably get a Nokia Lucia or some Windows phone.
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#30 Posted by spaceninja818 (425 posts) -
iPhone 5. I like it, but I'm thinking of switching to Samsung Note 2.