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I'm back after a long hiatus from these forums. I saw some old posts on this thread bemoaning the old days of unions. I also remember sigs had gifs and there was a lot more activity in general. Can any of you explain what happened? Did people just trickle away or was there a crash of some kind to cause an exodus?

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Like 5 years ago they changed the forums layout, and everyone hated it.

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@DEVILinIRON: Social media.

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I was excited for the rest of Walking Dead Season 4....

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I binged through the first week of Warlords of Draenor then cancelled my subscription. enjoy

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A dream

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no idea what I am doing but I need to post a question so I am typing a reply so my account can do so

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I'm loving Destiny 2 for the past months but since I started my 1st job, I have less time playing it now.

Speaking of which - If you guys need a Destiny 2 Cutting Edge Emblem, I am selling it down twitter.

Do look and add my acct there >>> randomdepot


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fallout '76 is pretty badass

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Trying to reach 3 comment requirement to make a thread

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Dota 2 :)

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yeah XD ! ofcourse with u

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i need to do 3 replies so :)

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I agree.

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very nice

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I'm playing Persona 4 on a ps2 emulator right now. Fucking favorite vidya of all time! I fell in love with all the characters!

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I've found quite a few awesome games under 10 EU benchmark in a marketplace (actually, the place is much cheaper than Steam and G2A), I know that currently the market is dominated by the new AAA releases like Division2, DMC5, and Sekiro, but if there're people that don't have enough cash to afford all of those - just want you to know, there are some nice offers still!

Have fun, and enjoy the collection, I do think It's worth your time.

Hope this is a right thread to post about game deals. Just want to be of service.

Cheers <3