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I read this review carefully, I was impressed. Pokemon has been my drug all the time. o_o


Whatever people talk about it, I'm not going to interfere with that. I don't want to attack it to the point where I'm "enemy of Pokemon". I just don't mind the whole repetitive fiction series, nostalgia thing and repetitive fights.

They can do or enjoy whatever they want to (and consume some of Nintendo Pokemon games they release), to be honest.

Sorry, folks. It's just not my type of game, so I won't interfere with that mainstream game.


This blog will be just my disappointment about Pokemon. People who are seeing this would confront my Pokemon's opinion that I would ignore them.

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Can't quite put my finger on it, but your blog is a little hard to follow. The blog just doesn't flow or transition well, like it's only one step above being a spam bot advertisement.

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I'm kind of surprised that Nintendo is still making money off the Pokemon franchise. I can't stand the "new episodes". You would think Ash would be much older and more wise, but they instead made him look younger and stupider.

I wish it would have came to a conclusion and ended after the Sinnoh saga, but it just had to keep going. Dragon Ball Z came to an end and we moved on with our lives, why not Pokemon?

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Dude you're talking about the show? Pretty much everyone agrees that it's shit.

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I used to have these really confusing fantasies about Charizard when I was little. But now that I know I'm gay, they aren't confusing anymore.