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I bought office 365 the other day from best buy. I downloaded it and I used word just fine. but when I saved it to the desktop and tried to open the file, it says that I don't have office 365. I can open word and open the file from there, but I want to know why it says that I don't have it....also when it tells me that I don't have it, it gives me the option to say "i already have it" or something like that. when I click it, it tells me to enter the product key and I do. when it takes me to the page it takes me to, it says that I already used one of my installs. so any idea what's going on?

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Contact them.

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Did you get an installation disc?

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Microsoft Office 365 that's what's wrong. Why Microsoft ever came up with that is beyond me. You should have bought a full copy of Office 2013 and saved yourself a lot of trouble.