NC Jeweler - By Some Jewels and Get a Free Shotgun (Sort of)

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Gift for her, pew pew pew for him.

Snowden says our area is rural and that this offer will not only please the woman in the relationship but also the man as well.

"A shotgun as a Valentine's Day present I think a lot of guys would like and the girl gets jewelry too so I think it's a win for both."

But don't be fooled. You can't walk into the jewelry store and expect to leave with a shotgun in hand.

Snowden has teamed up with Executive Arms in Wilmington.

Customers must spend at least $1,500 in Snowden's in order to get a $300 gift voucher to Executive Arms. When they arrive at Executive Arms, they will go through an extensive background check along with the necessary paperwork to hand over the gun.

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Cool, I've seen an ak 47 with your new car deal before.  NC is a beautiful state and has lots of backwoods boonie areas :P.  I wanna go back there again.

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That sounds like a good deal for those interested in purchasing both fine jewelry and firearms.
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Practicality in both modern life and post apocalyptic life. Sounds pretty swell.
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I predict a decrease in crime because of this.

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