Name One thing that you Love about your State

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#51 Posted by The-Apostle (12195 posts) -
Not possible. My state sucks...
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#52 Posted by DanteSuikoden (3427 posts) -

The women are hot. Stuck up like a Compton corner store...but still hot.

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#53 Posted by CRS98 (9036 posts) -
Food's pretty good. Landscape is diverse and beautiful. Our contributions to technology can't be ignored. I don't care for the weather, though. Hot and dry in the summers, and schizophrenic every other time of the year.
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#54 Posted by -RocBoys9489- (6336 posts) -
We got Cody Zeller and Andrew Luck
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#55 Posted by BossPerson (9177 posts) -

Fairly robust infrastructure, lovely trees, and hills.

Are they the right height?
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#56 Posted by klusps (10386 posts) -

I like living in Northern Virginia. Not too rural like Southern Virginia but also not too urban.

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#57 Posted by Socialist696 (558 posts) -

Either Florida oranges, or the months of March through May.

I love the lovebugs. No, not really.
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#58 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -
That's it can get up to 70 even 80 degrees in December. I live in Arizona. It's beautiful outside right now. I also love that I never have to shovel any snow or de-ice my car.
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#59 Posted by redstorm72 (4646 posts) -

The landscape


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#60 Posted by GazaAli (25216 posts) -
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#61 Posted by -RocBoys9489- (6336 posts) -
Utah? Montana? North Dakota?
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#62 Posted by BossPerson (9177 posts) -
Utah? Montana? North Dakota?

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#63 Posted by MrPraline (21351 posts) -
Expected a happier face from someone who can finally post in a "your state" thread < 3
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#64 Posted by SaudiFury (8709 posts) -

i'm in Minnesota.

and it's certainly not the snow. that gets old after the first 5 days.

for me really it's that i think the state has a little bit of everything in it. and it has a very queintessential Americana feel to it.

Like there is a reason why i alot of Christmas movies get taped here.


As for Saudi, i'm in the Eastern Province.

and i like the open desert away from the towns and major highways.. I know for some people it's desolate place that no one wants to be in, and i certainly wouldn't want to be dropped in the middle of it and forced to walk back. but there is something really calming and serene about it i find.