Motorhead or Metallica?

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Posted by ChildInTime (9 posts) 14 days, 23 hours ago

Poll: Motorhead or Metallica? (16 votes)

Motorhead 44%
Metallica 56%

Which band do you consider musically better and why?

My vote goes to Motorhead easily. They have been much more consistent than Metallica.

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Both are good bands, but metallica's a much more a sellout of a band than Motorhead. Metallica went gay since the black album to just try to gain radio friendly style to get more money. Motorhead stayed more true to their music and fans. Sorry metallica fans.

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Motorhead easily Metallica made some awesome songs back in the day but they sold out pretty fast after the Black Album it went all downhill. Also Lars whining about Napster will forever be stuck in my head. lol

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ah yes, the metal elitists come out in full force whenever Metallica is mentioned.

""Commercial" is a funny word to use as an insult because being commercial just means more people bought your music, which is what you're trying to do when you set out to make it possible for people to hear your music. That's why you do it. And anybody who says they don't want fame and fortune is full of shit, I don't give a **** who they are. That's rubbish. If you want nobody to hear your music, stay in the living room, nobody will. No problem. But don't be out on stage showing off and telling me you don't want nobody to hear it."

That's Lemmy calling you out on your bs.

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I like motorhead, and acknowledge they along with diamond head are major influences for Metallica.

However it seems obvoius to me the material on Ride The Lightning, An Justice for All, and Master Of Puppets its levels ahead of anything Mororhead have done.

As for the selling out, I agree with Crimsonllama above selling out generally means more people listern to your music.

I dont get salty they that they havnt played only thrash metal for 33 years.

Black Album is a great album, its not thrash metal more straight up heavy metal.

Load and Re-Load are albums of a bigger than life band at the time getting little complacent, removing the filler from those albums you could cut those albums down to one.

There latest album Hardwired is pretty dam good and one of the better metal albums released recently.

Motorhead I think were similar to Overkill, what they do does rock but they somewhat limited in what they can achieve musically.

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#5 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (24234 posts) -

Metallica. Ride The Lighting is a great album.

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I love Motorhead, but Metallica took what they were doing and made it better, more popular, and evolved over the years. I don't like what Metallica has become, frankly I haven't listened to them in years, but they are still one of my favorite bands and even their "sellout" albums (Black, Load, Reload) were far more enjoyable than the other crap that we had to listen to during the 90's.

And no matter what you think of their music from a preference point, they are incredibly talented musicians. Kirk Hammett is one of the greatest guitarists ever. The fusion of San Francisco Orchestra and Metallica, while note entirely original, was arguably one of the greatest musical moments in recent memory.

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Metallica for the 1st three albums and garage days. They lost me after that but those albums easily win the debate in my opinion.

I wouldn't call Metallica sell outs. They just got older. Tastes change as you get older. Back in the 80's when I was a teen, it was all about metal for me and nothing else. These days I still listen to metal but I also listen Classic rock, punk, some rap and even some Dean Martin will play on my list at times. People change as they get older.