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#1 Posted by AdobeArtist (24760 posts) -

Greetings denizens of Gamespot, and welcome back to Gamespot's Moderator's Hotseat. When going on haitus for the holidays, it took a bit longer than anticipated to get the wheels in motion again. But here we are at last and ready to kick things off. And for teh first of the new year, we welcome our illustrious Admin, Jodyyyyyyyyyyy R!!!

So back to the usual stuff.

Important to note that this is not just an Off Topic thing, but a Q&A that encompasses all of Gamespot, with mods from across the boards and where all users are welcome to participate. There are sticky notifications in all the major discussion boards (General Gaming Discussion and System Wars) as well as the platform specific boards to brings every poster in every part of gamespot under one roof for this ongoing series. So you'll interact with the mods you're familiar with and get to know the others from different parts of the forums.

Oh you might think the life of a moderator is all champagne and caviar, fame & fortune, and prestige beyond measure. But let me assure you fine folks that nothing could be farther from the truth. For one thing we don't even get paid for what we do :P So now peer beneath the veil as you get to find out what makes us tick.

Each week (from Wed-Wed), one of us will assume the Hot Seat and take questions from you, the life blood of this community. Oh sure you could ask us what our favourite food is, or movie, or actor, or get our opinions on gaming. But why stop there? Want to know what super power we would choose if we could possess one? Where we would go if we could travel in time? Who we think would win in a fight between Wolverine and Sonic the Hedgehog?

Be inventive. Be imaginative. By all means push us to the brink of our sanity :twisted: And while some playful ribbing is permitted here (even encouraged ;) ), don't get outright offensive or insulting. TOU rules still apply.But also let me emphasise although you can ask about our experiences as a mod, this isn't about moderation inquiries, or a supplement to Ask the Mods. Also mods will reserve the right not to answer a question if it gets too personal.

Think of it more like we're all just chillin' at a bar, getting to know each other in conversation and just having fun. Take it as a social experience.


Past hotseats: (featuring musicalmac)

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#2 Posted by themajormayor (25675 posts) -

Who the hell are you?


Didn't you know? I'm a fallen angel. - Jody

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#3 Posted by AdobeArtist (24760 posts) -

So for the fist round of questions, I typically ask how the Mod (or in this case Admin) came up with their name and their gender. Though in this case it's pretty self explanatory, so on to some other stuff.

JodyR is my work alias. I talked about being forced to use my real name in my first blog on GameSpot. CaliGirl is my real alias.

Where are you from?

Southern California. Beach babes reside there. I wasn't good at surfing but I visited the piers and beaches frequently.

Are there any boards on Gamespot you frequent?

It depends where people are talking about. I read more than I'll post because I've been known to kill discussions because of my staff icon.

Before you were an admin, were you ever moderated?

Yes. I got banned all of the time. I was the person that postedabout my personal websites in other people's forums. And, I had little helpers that loved my content that they exposed my personal websites too. But, you have to understand that my content was often interviews of people that worked on game mods and stuff. I didn'thave any ads on my website because it was my hobby. So, it was more about sharing some cool stufft about the modders that dealt with games like UT, BF, Quake series, Half-Life, etc.

How do you feel about the new rules and TOU?

I come from a background where illegal activities was the only thing to care about. I think that the new rules will work if we have a way for people to ignore people they dislike. We are working towards a solution for this but some functionality will take some time.

In particular, as a female gamer, how do you feel about the rules regarding "Hot Chick" threads?

I honestly don't notice them until someone contacts me asking about it.

When riding a coaster, do you reach for the sky, or hold on to that bar for dear life?

The wood style roller coasters are the mot fun to put your hands up in the air because they creak. ;)

What's the last good movie you saw?


Who's your current celebrity crush?

Matth Damon has caught my eye lately. I never found him attractive before.

What platforms do you game on, and what's your favourite games?

PC is my first choice. I also play on X360 and PS3 depending on the game.

Any game series from previous generations you'd like to see have a revival?

This is a trick question. But, I'm going share the FIRST game that comes to mind. I want a Bubble Bobble and Quake 1 mash-up game. MUHAHAHAHA.

Are you ticklish? ;)

I have no idea what you're talking about.

What are you favourite and least favourite E3 moments?

I dont really have bad E3 moments. If anything, the bad moments happen because I'm unable to hang out with some gamer friends and game industry buddies because of my busy schedule.

On that note... can you take me along for the next E3? *bigpuppydogeyes*

You had your chance with the E3 video contest last December!

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#4 Posted by lonewolf604 (8649 posts) -

Jody, can you give me your mod powers for a day?

A newbie would probably get hurt with my super powers.

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#5 Posted by TheWZRD (605 posts) -

Do you enjoy moderating users here? :P

Not really. I rarely moderate people anymore thanks to the new Terms of Use agreement.

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#6 Posted by themajormayor (25675 posts) -

How do I get a girlfriend? :(

You can get her by being a bad boy or a gentlemen. Select which faction you want and stick with it.

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#7 Posted by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

This should be good.

How long have you been in the gaming industry and what got you interested in it?

Let's see if I can share this as briefly as possible. In high school I had the chance to work with some known game websites because some people recognized my daily (if not hourly dedication) to my hobby website about C&C and Quake (the original game titles).

That's really how it all started. I was attending E3 and GDC not long after obtaining these freelancer positions. Back then I did everthing from daily news updates, game data entry, game info guides, and website design. I didn't really think I'd work in the game industry. Gaming was a part of my life and the freelance positions fell into my lap.

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#8 Posted by THE_DRUGGIE (25057 posts) -

JOKDY, how aroe you taoday?

I'm gfeeling wonderful todya, feeliong awesome on a Wednesday night!

Last night I had plans to play some League of Legends but I got distracted with catchup on some television shows (Walking Dead, etc)

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#9 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -

Who do you love the mostest?

Oh you know, this person and that person, and this person, and that.

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#10 Posted by megagene (23153 posts) -

-Do you miss doing Gamespot Synch?

Sync will always be missed, but now I have more time to do my real duties on the site. I think I'll miss the traveling the most. I enjoyed finding trivia and such to give away during those special Sync episodes at E3andComic-Con. But, my favorites last year was Quakecon and Call of Duty XP(Sumo wresting FTW!). Both occasions where I'm not scripted. ;)

I still make time to assist the video team with other projects (behind scenes and sometimes on screen). The 24-hour Mass Effect Marathon will be one I'll help out with. I can't wait to get my hands on Mass Effect 3!

-Are you naturally a red head?

A lady never shares her beauty secret because it'll take the mystery away. But, I was born with strawberry blonde hair. ;)

-Am I crazy or is my back getting hairier?

Hair happens? LOL.


Just now.South Africa style.

(dont get it? ask a ZA person what just now means, LOL)

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#11 Posted by AussieePet (11424 posts) -



Wait, what kind of game are we playing? :P

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#12 Posted by D3nnyCrane (12058 posts) -

Do you wanna go out sometime?

Hrm. For some reason I react this way to that statement.

[spoiler] aka confused [/spoiler]

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#13 Posted by flipin_jackass (9770 posts) -

If you had to choose, long or thick? [spoiler] hair [/spoiler]


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#14 Posted by xTheExploited (12094 posts) -

do you love me? ;O

What is love? - Jody

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#15 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (24110 posts) -

Who's your favorite GS moderator?

My favorite moderator is....

[spoiler] me [/spoiler]

What do you think of my new avatar? :P

Dont you change them out a bit morefrequent these days? I can never compete.

Do you like being the community manager?

Why wouldn't I? I get to do tons of stuff outside my realm of expertise. Learn new things and more. :)

Do you like root beer floats?

A&W is the way to go. - Jody

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#16 Posted by cybrcatter (16210 posts) -

Do you resent GS's decision to cancel Sync?

I was actually happy that I could finally get a breather. It was fun to experiment for 6 months, but also tiresome juggling two positions.

Is Start/Select as great as everyone says it is?

I like how they swap out with different hosts. You can visit one day to find one personality and drop by another day to find another. Cool stuff.

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#17 Posted by Dylan_11 (11293 posts) -

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?What do you order?

Believe it or not, living in the city there's much less fast food chains. We have them near work, but you still have to walk 4-5 blocks to get to some of them. I don't really eat at fast food chains these days. The mom and pop shops are the best places to visit in the city.

Do you have a car?

I have a sweet ride (Aprilia Motorscooter) and a truck. I'm not a fan of driving a car.

Will you pick me up something?

If you're stranded I could call someone to pick you up! Can't promise that you'd return safely. ;)

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#18 Posted by Slashless (9528 posts) -

Will you go out with D3nny

You're so giving. How cute.

Krunk or Mitu, who would you rather give your personal info to.

I take it you don't have any trust issues.

Have you had a relationship with Staff yet?

Does comrade count as a relationship?

Would you trust Krunk to babysit your children(If you ever had any)

Define children, does that mean you fall under this category because I babysit you?

Would you trust Caseywegnar to babysit you?

Casey is probably a good dad. Why not?

Would you trust me with Admin powers?

Why not ;[

Sounds like you already answered my question. No fair!

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#19 Posted by Charazani (2919 posts) -

Thoughts on TDH and its user base ?

We have a variety of websites that get created because people started posting here first. I'd have to take it as compliment when many GameSpot members gather together off-site or in person. It means GameSpot is good at establishing friendships.

Oh, and you're welcome! ;)

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#20 Posted by Dystopian-X (8998 posts) -

Say Jody, if a GS user with some level of PS skill and too much time in their hands was willing to make a GS calendar with pics of you, would you be willing provide the pics dressed up for the various seasons for it to be created? ;O

As long as I get to keep the costumes that are purchased for me and they are gaming characters.

Are you going to vote for me in the OTcars?

I think that's a great community thing so I'd prefer not to persuade people one way or another. ;)

What are your PC specs? Can you build a gaming rig by yourself?

Unless I'm at a LAN party nobody gets to know my computer specs. And, if they do find out, that's because they got on my PC when I went AFK. Meanies!

Pineapple on Pizza: yay/nay?

I've been known to try a slice of pizza like that but never finish it.

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#21 Posted by mrmusicman247 (17601 posts) -

If you had any way to get me into E3, would you let me know?

I can't keep up with how many people ask me that each year. lol. But, yes, I would share it on my GS Blog/twitter/facebook if I found an easy way.

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#22 Posted by Charazani (2919 posts) -

Thoughts on the user Jandurin? As a user and as a person.

I've always thought he had a neat username. It kind of reminds me of a name that would be used in a Prince of Persia game. I haven't had a chance to get to know him as a person.

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#23 Posted by coolbeans90 (21305 posts) -

Am I considered to be an enemy of the establishment?

Yeah, I thought your name was about jellybeans but I found out later it was about gas. ;)

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#24 Posted by chaoscougar1 (37597 posts) -

Will you go out with D3nny

Krunk or Mitu, who would you rather give your personal info to.

Have you had a relationship with Staff yet?

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#25 Posted by Bloodaxe726 (7903 posts) -

Why are certain users who decided to quit the site having their profiles set to private?

I'd say that people set their accounts to private over security reasonings. However, maybe you're talking about this bug here.

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#26 Posted by chaoscougar1 (37597 posts) -

Why are certain users who decided to quit the site having their profiles set to private?

What an x-cellent question
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#28 Posted by indzman (27735 posts) -

What are your Top 5 favourite video games?

Quake 1 (Multiplayer mode and tons of mods worthy of mentioning another day!)
Command and Conquer
Mass Effect 2
Unreal Tournament 2004 (Onslaught mode)
Dead Rising 2

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#29 Posted by Charazani (2919 posts) -

Your feelings on these gifs?

What's wrong with it? - Jody

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#30 Posted by TheShadowLord07 (23063 posts) -

is it true stalking admins will not be tolerated?

Hrm, if you're asking whether or not we get paid to stalk our members, that's a funny question.

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#31 Posted by Sandulf29 (14330 posts) -

Jody, who is Staff?I mean who uses that account?

He shared who he was before. I'm too lazy to quote.

How would you feel about your pics being posted in "hot chick" thread by users here?

I'd wonder who hacked that person's account. ;)

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#32 Posted by Deihjan (30213 posts) -

Dearest Jody, How do you manage to stay sane with a job as community manager? I mean, with boards full of idiots (both the good, loveable kind and the bad, incredibly annoying kind) who seem to love running in circles and rehashing subjects that are about as beaten as the many dragons we gamers have slaughtered throughout our combined gaming-'careers'. Will we ever see a new ToU that actually makes sense, has rules that can be regulated and lets moderators ̶e̶n̶j̶o̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶r̶t̶u̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶u̶s̶,̶ ̶a̶b̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶s̶ moderate us once again for valid stuff so we might see a less cluttered Off-topic with fewer of the same, dull topics and punish the spammers that annoy many of us? Besides that, I just want to tell you that you're doing a great job and that you and Synthia have my utmost respect and eternal e-love. Stay awesome.

I could never get tired of community management. I probably deal with about 1 or 2 cases a year that would be considered different than any other year. The rest of it is business as normal. The good heavily outweighs the bad on a website like this one. Even the bad is rare and far better than working at some non-gaming industry job. ;)

As for the question about the ToU, everyone is conditioned to grasp a service's Terms of use agreement. We are not the kind of community that will dismiss feedback. Keep sharing what you'd like to see (community tools/rules/etc) and if you like the way things are right now.

We've heard more good feedback than bad so far. Tons of people told us that they haven't had a moderation since the Terms of Use agreement changes last year. These users like having no points loss towards their level and the other changes we've made. We'll continue to consider changes as the site evolves. - Jody

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#33 Posted by GazaAli (25216 posts) -

I think the new ToU is howgwash and turned the place into a sapping pool of trolls and lunatics. What do you have to say about this statement?

I'm not sure what kind of reaction you wanted. You can have an opinion like everyone else. :)

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#34 Posted by cheese_game619 (13317 posts) -

Why is KMX still here?

Where is he? Do you know something I don't?

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#35 Posted by Baconbits2004 (12600 posts) -

Jody You must have been very busy to have kept us waiting so long. :b

What're your plans for the future?

In the near future I'll be protecting my homeworld.

Do you have any idea wtf the_druggie was trying to say back there?

I read around typos on an hourly basis.

What is your favorite flavor of tea? if any?

Summerhouse (black tea), iced.

Do you find my avatar offensive? (the shirt was blurred out when I was picked for community spotlight)

Nope. I have friends that wear worse t-shirts. You'd fit right in!

What do you do to stay in shape?

I'm a fan of pilates and hiking.

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#36 Posted by SeventhEntity (378 posts) -

on a scale of 1 to 10 how sexually attractive do you find Dracula68?

Don't forget, we have lots of people who work at other CBS and CBSI locations. I've actualy never met him in person.

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#37 Posted by Horgen (116933 posts) -

Game that surprised you most, be it good or bad?

Saints Row The Third. It has so many different things, some good and some wacky. Red Dead Redemotion would come in second.

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#38 Posted by SeventhEntity (378 posts) -

Have you ever licked a PSP?

Nope. Just a Ford Mustang back in 2010.

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#39 Posted by surrealnumber5 (23044 posts) -

when are we going to get news on the kmx cover up and why so many of us were IS'd for calling a spade a spade?

Anyone that had contacted me during that time already got a resposne. I have not been given any updates since then.

If IS means suspended over sharing offensive content, everyone knows that we suspend or ban for explicit content. Our policies around offensive content like this have not changed.

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#40 Posted by surrealnumber5 (23044 posts) -

why has xaos' profile been set to private? he did not do it, and he too would like to know why his account is active without him being active, i doubt someone guessed his randomized password

Maybe this bug isn't fixed. If he is having problems with his account have him contact support.

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#41 Posted by themajormayor (25675 posts) -


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#42 Posted by TAMKFan (33259 posts) -

How many complaints or criticisms have you gotten about the new ToU so far?

Good question. I've received about a dozen in the past month. Overall, about 25. That's a very small amount of people compared to the amount of people who have complained about our Terms of Use agreement in the past year alone (in the hundreds via support/PM/twitter/facebook/yahoo answers/tech support/site enhancements/ask the mods). The reality is, we look everywhere for feedback, not just on or GameFAQs.

What's your opinion on me?

I think you've always been sincere in what you've shared over the years, be it my blog posts or about the community in general :)

What do you think you would be doing now if you weren't an admin on GameSpot?

I'd probably be dealing with professional gaming or organizing trade shows at some capacity. Being involved with tournaments or helping people become the best they can be at a game is something I enjoy doing. It's great to see gamers become little stars in the industry. Trade shows on the other hand provide a whole other element. There's just something really special about meeting people who are fans of the games and the creators behind them. Some of my favorite moments have been at trade shows and LAN parties.

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#43 Posted by chaoscougar1 (37597 posts) -
Cake or Pie?
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#44 Posted by themajormayor (25675 posts) -
Cake or Pie?chaoscougar1
Cake or death?
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#45 Posted by Deihjan (30213 posts) -
[QUOTE="chaoscougar1"]Cake or Pie?themajormayor
Cake or death?

Tea and cake or death?
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#46 Posted by LJS9502_basic (162805 posts) - answers to anyone's questions. Does JodyR really exist?:o
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#47 Posted by Slashless (9528 posts) - answers to anyone's questions. Does JodyR really exist?:oLJS9502_basic
She answered Adobe's questions and Major's.
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#48 Posted by -Toshy- (1376 posts) -
How are you able to sit in the hotseat? Does your body produce some sort of natural coolant to counter the hot temperature of the chair?
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#49 Posted by ZumaJones07 (16458 posts) -
how often do you shave your mustache?
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#50 Posted by pie-junior (2866 posts) -

What do you think of my new sig? Like it? y/y not?

Adblocked with extreme prejudice.