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And he told me to calm down and walk, and he mentioned that I've 148 posts! xDDDD

(Bad form! Very Truly Yours)!!

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@uninspiredcup: OH comon you not his Lawyer:\

Say something, it's ok

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This forum, and I'd wait for a mod reply to PM that screenshot.

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@cayde: "Ask the Mods" Forum is the place to take it with the mods so they can clear this situation. This is OT (Off-Topic) but not the place to discuss moderation in the matter of speaking.

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* should've

For the love of all that is holy, "should of" is not a phrase that should exist. Anywhere.

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Someone removed all my comments! and I've 7 karma till now :\

No more comments no more review no more topics, this site has a plague, this site only for some gang users, and need to stay far out from it and dot


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@cayde: Pretty convenient that you'd just happen to left out the posts where you were being belligerent with other posters, huh?

If you have an issue with anyone--be it a regular user or a moderator--you either make a thread on the Ask the Mods forum, or contact the mod team directly. Making threads to call anyone out is not permitted at all--neither is acting like a jerk to other people. Perhaps taking some time off might be a good idea.