Mindhunter Season 2 Discussion Thread. *SPOILERS*

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Fine season, I recommend it to everyone. Some thoughts:

**EDIT: after writing this post I went and re-watched Season 1 and have expanded on my thoughts accordingly**

The whole Brian storyline, I hate when shows do this. When the shows is "about something" and then that "something" happens to happen to one of the shows protagonists. Statistically it happens but it just makes me rolls my eyes. Like the whole Olivia arc in SVU about the guy that framed her while playing Russian roulette or every single time when a protagonist gets sick in Grey's Anatomy and they have to save him/her etc. Or the 24 arc with Jack Bauer's brother.

Now, this was handled much better but I still wished shows would steer away from this.

**I had forgotten that the series had laid out the ground work for this storyline in Season 1. Looking back it makes it more plausible in my view**

Now, is it me, or the whole situation about the kids was never properly layout? A LOT of these kids seemed to know each other but that is never completely explored. IT WAS SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING! Like, how do they know each other? Yes, some of them simply live near each other so they were neighbors but not all of them. The question that was hanging out there the whole fucking time was if they went to school together. I understand that maybe some of them didn't go to school/were too poor but some of them probably did go to school. Perhaps, I was miss something? Did the fact they worked in shopping malls parking or whatever meant that they didn't go to school? The kid that wrote songs certainly seem like he went to school. I don't know, I wanted to smack somebody for not asking about it.

And is it me or do we never get an idea the time of the year this investigation takes place? Was it in summer? Was school out? And it would seem to me that anytime a new kid went missing the whole state would go in flame and everyone would be made aware, but no, it seems every 5 seconds the body of some other kid that "had been missing" was found here or there. I understand that part of the themes for the season is how these black kids from poor socioeconomic backgrounds "go missing" and no one seems to care but once it goes to MOTHERFUCKING 15, 16, 17 and the FBI was there in Atlanta you would think every time a goddamed black kid went missing the whole country would know about it given the heighten state of alert.

So question, couldn't they ask for the phone records to see if anyone called Williams at the time he claimed "Cheryl Johnson" called him? And why weren't Williams' father and mother questioned?

Finally two thoughts on Holden. Is it me or the character is totally annoying? Like, last season he had the girlfriend storyline but this season he was just impertinent. The guy doesn't seem to care to do any of the "legwork" as the series calls it. The guy just seems to be all intuition. Son how about you interview the families of the dead black kids, specially after we learn time and time again that none of them were interviewed.

**Holden is so arrogant and exasperating. Someone get this guy a girlfriend in Season 3 lol**

Anyway, looking forward to Season 3.

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I'm loving it. One of the few shows where I watch, and the outside world disappears. It's always interesting to watch.