Mech Battles in 2019 World Cyber Games

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I think I posted about this tournament before, but I just love the idea of mech battles coming to life. What was once my childhood dream is now coming into reality. Fun fact: I really looooove mecha animes. And I'm now more thrilled to see some real robots fighting against each other. I MEAN, LOOK AT THIS.His robot moves as he moves! Now imagine seeing robots fighting like that! Totally wicked! :O

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It would be greater if they announce a Transformers-like robot competition? I am expecting a lot from WCG this year, they're doing a different kind of e-sports to create a new community for gamers.

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This is so cool! My friends were talking about how great WCG's comeback, Aside from this robot war they even included AI, VR, and scratch. WCG's going beyond esports :D

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Mecha Competition sounds cool. Does the competition start to stream now?

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You know, I wonder when we will see mechs, like for real. I'm talking the loader from Aliens or Battletech-type things. implemented into our lives. I know occasionally we will get prototypes or someone working on some project, but I mean like for real.

Or are wheeled vehicles just a million times better and more practical?