Martial Arts Super Powers

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Before the idea for When Energy Balls Attack come along to me I started off with just one energy ball on my trampoline in my backyard on a stormy and cloudy day. With out of nowhere, well, strange things start to happen and I intended it to be a surprise....some people like it and it hasn't gained much popularity because When Energy Balls in my mind accomplished more then these two videos did I am almost about to show you but either way I just did them all for fun and I never intended one of them or any of them to follow onto anyone or for them to like them. Maybe I thought a couple of friends of mine would get a laugh or two about it but thats about it. And they are comedies for a reason....If you take them too seriously you are taking yourself too seriously.

I know exactly what I did when I made these videos and I'm not embarrassed by anything...If you can't make fun of yourself then you don't know what the meaning of ''Humor'' really is.

I also did a slow motion version of this video which was a little longer also but a little more pumped up.

What do you think of the videos? And do you think When Energy Balls was more of a big improvement then my Martial Arts Super Powers Videos? Let me know and leave some comments below. Do you think these are funny at all?


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@Iszdope: Thanks bruh xD