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Made with Code

So what are your thoughts on the thing the video addresses?

Do you feel that there does need to be a push to get more a balance, or at least to encourage a tipping of the scales. Or do you feel that underrepresentation in these kinds of fields is largely an overblown issue and that it's simply just a interest level thing that does not steam from some addressable societal problem?

Do you think initiatives such as this are a step in the right direction or do you feel that they have their heart in the right place but may not be really doing much to further their goals?

As some of you may know I got a degree in CS and I did notice a dearth of female students, which is the largely the norm I guess for the degree.

So anyway what say you, questions, comments, concerns, hopes, dreams?

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Good. Not CS, but I took a microbiology class this last semester and it seems that at least 66% of the students (150+ student class) were women. Inspiring and always nice on the eyes.

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I am down with the world being a computer. God created man. Man created computer. And we all the same. Circles!

The world need to start telling people the truth about art and science. Their is a reason why their is a school of art and a school of science.

Art is magical to the ignorant and logical to scientist

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I speculate that if and when more females decide to study coding and use that newfound knowledge to start a career, the digital world would have much more variety.