Looking forward to Hannibal season 2?

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My friends, after seeing this show advertized my first thought was "another shitty cash in". I just tried to ignore it. Then, out of boredom, I recorded them (the season 1 box set) on skygo and watched them all within a week.

Quite surprised must say. For an opening season, it's better than Battlestar Galatica and Breaking Bads imo It's slow paced (abit like the xfiles) but the season final has a great payoff. The charterer of Hannible isn't glamorized in the slightest.

It takes place before "manhunter" but seems to completely deviate from it. Apparently it will lead up to the "man hunter" timeline and beyond which is kind of exciting.

Anyone else keeping an eye on this show as a breaking bad replacement or are you watching something else entirely?

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Hannibal Hector is the man I seen commercials for the series but never caught an episode

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Wouldn't call it a Breaking Bad replacement considering how drastically different they are from one another. It is a great show though, very dark and gorgeous visually. Mads is perfect. Very much looking forward to how things play out during the second season, especially considering the wild opening scene.

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My friend, replacement purely in terms of time and investment.