It seems the US government thinks the war on drugs is more important than...

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[QUOTE="kuraimen"][QUOTE="TopTierHustler"]I think he just hates the u.s. cause he's jealously living in a worse country.


You're right I should praise them for supporting dictatorships who killed thousands of people. I'm so jealous, I wish my country would do that.

I see you bash the U.S. every chance you get.

You clearly have issues in having a no name country.

Ad hominem much?
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[QUOTE="l4dak47"] You know what I find pathetic. Men who are too scared to question their reality. Men who are too scared to not follow what their so beloved government tells them what to do. l4dak47

Oh my god you're serious.

That's really really sad. I don't think I'm gonna continue to argue with you anymore because you obviously already have a laundry list of problems and don't need another.

Keep on believing the bs that your government feeds you and not discovering your own truth.

what truth would that be? That certain drugs are really really bad? Not news.

The anti gov't rhetoric is ridiculous btw, whether you like it or not, the gov't is right occasionally, and those studies tat say coke and heroin destroy your body are peer reviewed.

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[QUOTE="l4dak47"] Fast food kills you. Soda kills you. Living kills you. In the end, we're all dead. leviathan91

and drugs make life while we're here.

Why encourage it? and if you really think like that, I imagine your life is pretty awful.

Making drugs legal might actually make it unpopular. LINK

I've never done any illegal drugs. I've drank alcohol but never became an alcoholic. I've smoked a cigar once, I wasn't addicted. But I see no reason to why the drugs that are illegal should stay that way when it can be decriminalized and regulated. Yeah, those curious enough will try it out, that's a guarantee, but a first try won't automatically make you an addict, nor will it lead to higher crime.

For me, it's a matter of practicality and reasoning - Why send non-violent offenders to jail for smoking a joint or doing heroin? Why are we allowing SWAT teams to bust into a house over some joint? Why are we spending so much on the drug war when its result only led to overcrowding in jail and an encroachment on our civil liberties?

The Drug War is impractical and unreasonable.

That's decriminalization, something I think is actually worth looking into, not legalization. If decriminalization ever came up on the ballot, I'd vote in favor of it, but I know full legalization would cause problems.

Yeah everybody plays with soft drugs. I know I did in college, but there is a big difference between alcohol and coke.

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Marijuana was made illegal for those reasons. Alcohol is legal because it is deeply deeply rooted in our culture.

The others were largely used by white peoples.


Even if they were (which I doubt) most of the rhetoric behind backing prohibition was racist anyway. The Chinese used heroin to help endure repitive manual labor (eg building railroads). Hallucinogens, an important part of Native American culture, were made illegal despite being relatively harmless. And if you look at the sentencing rates for powder cocaine vs. cocaine, people in possession of crack (eg poor, urban black people) would recieve far harsher punishments. Hell, you could probably make the argument that the Irish's proclivity for liquir and racism towards them played a role in prohibition.

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Also after reading this thread I'm still convinced that those in favor are blinded by morality. Unless you work for a drug law enforcement agency or a drug cartel, there's no rational reason to support prohibition over decriminalization or legalization.