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#1 Posted by inyourface_12 (14757 posts) -
ok im 14 and last year my parents loaned me 300 dollars to help pay for my new pc and i built it and now i have finally payed them off and i have 120 dollars left  my question.  is it wrong to want to spend that money after going so long w/o spending money?  even just some of it xuz i surely wouldnt use it all.
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#2 Posted by dahwnpapaya (3161 posts) -
Well if it's your money there shouldn't be any problem with you spending it,  buy a game or whaterver or save up for an upgrade idk
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#3 Posted by mmogoon (7311 posts) -
Don't see why it's wrong to WANT to spend it, only natural...
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#4 Posted by inyourface_12 (14757 posts) -
well i just think like after going so long w/o it makes you thankful to have money for impulse buys but it kinda sux to be out of it idk
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#5 Posted by xhellcatx (9015 posts) -
hmm...spend half save half?
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#6 Posted by superbradleyo77 (2175 posts) -
It depends what it is you're buying. 
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#7 Posted by mikeg0788 (11784 posts) -
At 14 itll be better to save your money, especially if you just got a new computer.
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#8 Posted by haloraider (3110 posts) -
Spend it, you know you want to. Better yet, give it to me so you won't have the urge to spend it.
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#9 Posted by formula1racer (6075 posts) -
not at all.since you already paid them off.have some fun
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#10 Posted by mark4091 (3780 posts) -
as long as you dont spend it all on fast food and on something you can use, go for it.
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#11 Posted by Squidward117 (4374 posts) -
Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it...