Is anyone here also a member of ign?

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sup mengs?

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no, their wiki guides suck too

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It had some cool people, and at times there was good discussion, a lot of trolls but that's every forum. Got ban't doe

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No, I've not really looked at their forums either, I never normally stay active in more than one forum at a time either. So its just Gamespot for now

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Im on IGN for few years ......


they got better personalities

they got better ... sometimes time exclusive news

my game purchase usually base on their opinion (not review)

Their video are supreme (better coverage and very likeable)


forums are lame ..... but i visit IGN not because of their communities)

they lack of hate-able personalities ... unlike gamespot ... we got love-hate with Carolyn Petit, Tom Mcshea and gamespot moderators/villain

British team on gamespot was better than british team on IGN .... (bty what happen to gamespot british team.... are they on holiday??)

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i never really go to ign, tho i know they have better news coverage and shows than GS (cuz GS is horrible at those).

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I don't enjoy their site design, but their video content/personalities are pretty good though.

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I am, but I almost never log in, because I don't really like the forums.

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The Vestibule is basically a much better version of OT. There's always lots of people posting, and responses to threads are hilarious.

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yeh me and I only like their comment section on articles. Much more populated there, but there forums are different and not as good as here. I asked a mod here to change my name, but he refused. I might quite GS someday for this.

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IGN's a better site by gaming standards but not forum wise as GS tho.

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I'd have to be paid

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Tried it and I didn't like their forums and community.

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I used to frequent IGN when I was still gaming regularly for reviews, release dates...etc so I didn't have to make an account there or anything. I remember clearly how abysmal their comment section is so its safe to assume that the forums are of the same quality.

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I was hoping this would be similar to the Vesti, it is but it's real slow paced comparatively

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Been there for almost 10 years

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I used to have an account at IGN but I don't visit the forums anymore.

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Yeah. IGN has its pros and cons. I personally prefer the forums over at IGN.

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I have an account there.

Not much else.