Is any length of time too long to ask for something back?

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Hi. If you have leant some one anything and its been a while do you think its been too long to ask for it back?. I leant my PS1 to some one who lives down my street about 5 years ago now and with the new consoles out I wanted to play on my PS1 for nostalgic reasons. Like today on steam I saw FF8 advertise and I had this for the PS1 along with FF7,MGS,Alien,Resevil 1, and proly more what I forgot. Every time I see something like FF7 or 8 been advertise I get really mad at my self as I could have played it on the system it was meant to be on. But do you feel when some one has had something of yours for so long you don't want to ask for it back?.

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Yeah, 5 years is too long. By that point you're probably not gong to get it back even if you ask.

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Why are you acting like asking for your property is a bad thing. Is the ass wipe who never even intend/made the effort to give it back to you who is wrong.

No, you can still ask for it back.

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get your shit back, bro. it's yours.

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And this... is what happens when society preaches for people to be hyper sensitive twits... "Oh no! I might offend him/her if I ask for my property back!"

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Grow a pair and get what's yours. What kind of dumb ass question is this?

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@JustSignedUp said:

what are u kids talking about, he shouldnt ask for it back. 5 years is way too long. common sense in the year 2013 is to NOT ask for it back.

Yeah, that makes sense. Because common sense changes every year and, as we all know (since we got the memo), this year's hot common sense item is not giving a shit about personal property. Thanks for reminding everyone. Sometimes, people who aren't actively involved in the Annual Panel for Common Sense Revision and Reinforcement can forget when these things change.

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if you've kept in touch, it's prolly fine

otherwise, you're essentially SOL

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@4myAmuzumament said:

get your shit back, bro. it's yours.

At this point no, it really isn't. He's waited 5 years to decide he gives a shit enough to want it back now. It's essentially a gift at this point.

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Ask him if you can borrow it

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It's probably long gone.

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If you offered it to the person as a "lending" situation, you should be able to ask for it back at any time. They should appreciate your generosity for allowing them to hold onto it for so long. At the very least, if they say no, you might try appealing to the sense that they might not even be using it anymore.

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I still have a copy of CoD4 that I borrowed 4 or 5 years ago, I don't think he even remembers lending to me lol