If you have them, how are your pets handling the fireworks this 4th of July?

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I have two cats, and one boy and one girl. The little guy is doing just fine it seems, but our girl kitty seemed to be rather spooked which is interesting as she seemed to be just fine the year before.

Do you guys do anything for your pets during the fireworks? Is there a quiet room that you put them in or perhaps something else?

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My Cat just looks around and see what's happening but as the minutes goes by, she seems to know everything's okay inside the house and just goes play with her toys and sleep through the Fireworks. She's an inside Cat so anything hardly spooks her.

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My gerbils never gave a shit.

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I have one cat, 9 year old female. She hates them. She'll disappear under the bed until they've stopped. The other night, I was coming her when a giant one went off next to us and spooked her really bad. She was trying to break free of me and started growling. I honestly can't stand people who set them off in neighborhoods when they're illegal, and it's because of nights just like that one.

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My cats don't mind the booms. I used to have 2 dogs and they would usually be under the couch hiding.

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We don't celebrate 4th of July here in Australia but on other occasions our Chihuahua has barked a few times before but I think she's gotten used to them. The cat has never given a f*ck. Lol.

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Dog absolutely hates them. I try to either walk her earlier in the evening or way late at night to avoid her being traumatized.

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dog doesn't seem to care in the least.

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My dog is petrified of fireworks, or loud noises in general, so the last few years I've been taking her out on a walk somewhere secluded in the countryside before midnight until the celebrations die down a bit.

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They all go to my room willingly. They're cats.