Ideal minimum salary that would make you live comfortably

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What is the ideal minimum salary that you think would make you live comfortably in whichever place you happen to live right now?

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$60k USD.

Living on the West Coast has it's ups and downs, and quality of living where I'm at is pretty decent for a 24 year old like myself.

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$7.25/hr, 40 hrs/week.

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I live comfortably on 42k right now, granted that's with health, dental and life insuance

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@Master_Live said:

$7.25/hr, 40 hrs/week.

I'm not sure where you live, but in the U.S. that's the federal minimum wage, or close to it.

It's certainly not a livable wage either, but that's a conversation for another day.

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@dave123321 said:


Approximately. This.

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i think ive read studies saying income up to 70k for a household increases happiness... but anything over 70k has no effect on happiness.

So ill go 70k household 50k single.

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50k would be a great starting point I'd be happy at, but if I had a family I think it would need to be around 65k-70k

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interesting figures.

in Dubai, living is way more expensive, household USD $200k, single $140k

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Honestly I'm comfortable with 35k-40k a year, my needs are very minimal.

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the single life 30k a year. if i was married with kids 50k? a year.

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My wife and I were doing pretty well at around 65k a year with just us. We had very low rent, etc. I was able to save close to 1k a month on top of splurging on our hobbies.

Now were lolpoor until I get a decent civilian job.

But for just her and I, I would like a little over 100k net income a year.

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I am happy with what i currently have.I don't need more money.

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Right now? 30k would cover everything easily. In the future I would definitely need/want considerably more, but right now I'm only responsible for myself and my meager lifestyle.

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60k minimum

I'm married with a home and have too many bills.

I grew up very poor so, i know i can physically live on less and still be happy.

but, i would say if i had to drastically change my current lifestyle i would describe it as not comfortable

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In my current living situation with no plans for the future? Probably $30,000 CAD.

If I want 2 kids, a house and a future, then I want to start making about $50,000 CAD yearly, and move up from there over the course of the next 10 years. There is a reason why I'm very interested in trucking and eventually becoming an O/O (gross pay with one company I have applied for is $165,000 CAD).

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I'm currently making $13.50/hour and that affords me many luxuries including the my 2014 car, my Nvidia shield i just purchased, a new suit, my cell phone bill etc, etc. I'm definitely not hurting for cash.

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40k w/ health bennies, 50k without.

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@thegerg said:


i just dont understand how you would be able to pay rent and other bills making that small amount unless you stayed in the ghetto.

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@-Renegade said:

@thegerg said:


i just dont understand how you would be able to pay rent and other bills making that small amount unless you stayed in the ghetto.

It certainly wouldn't be fun or easy, but remember that we're talking about the minimum here.

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Well if I really wanted to live comfortably, I would marry a guy making $20-$30 grand a month and kick back at home enjoying his money.

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I earn the close to minimum wage in my country (New Zealand) and get after conversion 25k USD a year, that is before tax so probably about 18K a year in the hand. 30K USD would be perfect living.

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I make $ 55k a year an my boyfriend $ 65k.
So $ 120k for just the two of us, it's more than enough, nearly 50% of that would be sufficient.

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While single I have had no problem living with near minimum wage when I have had 3 roommates. Soon this will change, however, as I am engaged, I wish to have children in the next few years, I find myself needing a new car. If I wish to provide for a family, something else will have to do. Either I'll need to find a higher paying job, work up within my current company, or find two jobs.

This is no complaint. My desire to provide better for a future family is causing me to work harder and thus be a more productive member of society. I am not afraid of working hard for a living in order to move beyond my current pay grade.

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Right now like 25,000 grand, after I graduate and start grad school 30,000-40,000 once I get my masters 70,000 plus