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Think of the name of a band or music group and try to express that same name but with different words that are still contextually similar.

Idea of a Zombie=Theory of a Deadman

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creed = dogma

err...vice versa. Dogma = Creed

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Audio Farm= Sound Garden

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Shell Groove=Pearl Jam

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Sublime = Holy

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Nearly a foot spikes=Nine inch nails
Process of a ground=system of a down

alright this is dumb

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Obviously they have never taken the Bay Area Rapid Train (BART). When the first train hits the first stop, all the bums that slep on the train over night smell like hell, the entire section of the train they are in smells like a zombie would - like death. Nasty as heck. Those are zombies, they can't even be woken up, they just shit and piss all over themselves and pass out on the seats. Even cops don't want to touch them.

Thats my idea of Zombies ..

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Sound Tribe Sector 9 = Audio Collective Area Nuevo

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Incredibly Solid Secretion of Force = Rock Hard Power Spray?

This is kinda fun.

Indy Javelin = Britney Spears? Is that too far fetched?

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@daforsaken1 said:

Linkin Park = connection garden?

Metallica = Left side of the Periodic table?

In Flames = Satan?

This here gave me a hard lol.