I don't see the appeal of the Joker by himself

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He needs Batman...

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Maybe he's an anti-hero in this movie like Venom.

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This is the most bizarre "comic book" movie to come out in decades, for all the wrong reasons and it's about a guy dressed as a clown terrorizing the citizens of a city called Gotham in which a rich family of the name Wayne resides. They followed something from the comics, I'm not sure what to take away from this? Maybe they're meaning they didn't follow a specific story arc? which already seemed kind of obvious he doesn't need Batman at all.

I said this before, but I think the best way to go in to this Joker movie is by basically forgetting it has anything at all to do with Joker or the Bat-mythos, and is just an original property that is coincidentally using some names.

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While I may see that movie it´s completely out of place and from the trailers and clips it also seems to portray Joker as a kind of Anti-hero who is abused into his "joker" existence.

Which is just horrible in itself.

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I'm going to see it. Joaquin Phoenix is a good actor and the trailer caught my fancy.

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I'll go see it anyway. I'm trying not to go into it with high hopes though.

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I don't really like the directors attitude. He seems to have a snooty attitude he's above "comics" saying how it's going to piss people off.

Zack Snyder was like that as well, thinking comic books can't be colorful or goofy equating glum to automatically being adult and mature. Like a little kid smoking on his way to school thinking he's hot shit.

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yeah i agree I actually don't like the look of the movie so far in fact DC just sucks lately. I might just ditch DC movies and go marvel only.