How much bandwith (downloads) do you use a month?

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I'm just curious.

I use on average (downloads) 1.5tb a month. People think this is a lot. Its 5 people (3 kids, 2 adults). So usually there's something streaming or downloading.

What's connected:
Xbox one (updates every 2 days)
2x 3ds
Gaming PC

So I'm wondering how much you use.

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I have no idea. It probably varies by a few hundred gigs a month, depending on how much time I spend streaming.

Edit: Having a max limit hasn't been a thing here since the days of ISDN I think. Dataplans for phones are slowly catching up, with a few plans being unlimited use and paying for speed instead.

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I have no way of knowing for certain, 1T/per month sounds about right I guess.

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Usually somewhere around 300GB, give or take. My data cap is 1TB, so it isn't a problem for me. But it is just me using the internet unless someone else is over. There's the option to pay for more data or go unlimited, but at a pretty unreasonable cost. And going over the limit results in a $10 fee per 50GB over the limit. Don't really have any viable alternatives so this is what I get lol, but it could be worse. At least I get the speeds I pay for.

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My provider last month informed me that we exceeded our 250 GB data cap for the first time they've provided us service.

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No idea. It’s just me and the wife. We stream a lot (1080p and 4k) and I game a bit online.

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Last month, 984GB

Last 6 month average, 1.2TB

Router is always on and counting uploads and downloads.

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No idea, no data caps here.

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@Epak_ said:

No idea, no data caps here.

My wife and oldest kid keep watching hours and hours of Korean soaps. So, we also had to upgrade to unlimited data caps.

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no idea. no caps and optimum doesn't seem to report that info on my statements or on their website.

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I probably use around 2.5 GBs on my phone per month. I get a notice about my use after 2 GBs and it's usually near the end of the month if I get one at all.

As for my home network, I'm really not sure at all. I know it's a lot because I stream video every time I want to watch tv and download plenty of movies and tv, but my ISP (WOW) doesn't have data caps so I'm not really concerned about knowing my data usage.

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The giant half-page ads and unnecessary, unrelated videos on Gamespot probably keep my bandwidth pretty high...

...but seriously, I probably use a lot. I have two roommates and we all stream TV and movies, sometimes we watch the same stuff together but often enough we are in our rooms or something.

I also probably download a few games each month which average about 50 GB.

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No clue. But something I need to look into, because data caps will be a thing soon here in the U.S.

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I use ~25GB on my phone, 1TB on my computer, and 100TB on my server.

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Enough that I give Xfinity an extra $50 to remove my 1TB monthly cap.

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Got no idea honestly. :(

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@PrezKennedy said:

I use ~25GB on my phone, 1TB on my computer, and 100TB on my server.

Wow. That is a lot. May I ask what you keep on the server, or how many visit it?

@Byshop said:

Enough that I give Xfinity an extra $50 to remove my 1TB monthly cap.

That does not come as a surprise :P

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@Byshop said:

Enough that I give Xfinity an extra $50 to remove my 1TB monthly cap.

That's pretty much the amount I pay for unlimited.

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I use all of them.