How many countires can you name?

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#1 Posted by blackngold29 (14137 posts) -

Well, how many? Such an addicting website! The hard part is spelling all of them right.

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#2 Posted by trubluah (3678 posts) -
United I win?
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#3 Posted by taj7575 (12084 posts) -

79/195 :?

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#4 Posted by CJL182 (9233 posts) -

I got 50. I was hoping to get at least 25% so I'm happy lol. I had a massive brain fart when it came to common European countries though.

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#5 Posted by kemar7856 (11783 posts) -

I could'nt spell some of the names:P

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#6 Posted by needled24-7 (15902 posts) -

damn, only 52

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#7 Posted by AAllxxjjnn (19992 posts) -
"You got 88 out of 195 Countries of the World."
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#8 Posted by Lopur94 (3102 posts) -
I got 118... mmmm :)
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#9 Posted by smc91352 (7786 posts) -

You got 55 out of 195 Countries of the World.

I suck.:cry:

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#10 Posted by raven_squad (78438 posts) -
83... some of the ones that popped up in red had me facepalming. Fun game.
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#11 Posted by smc91352 (7786 posts) -

83... some of the ones that popped up in red had me facepalming. Fun game. raven_squad

I know; happened to me too; I just kept misspelling.

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#12 Posted by t3hrubikscube (20414 posts) -
Ahhh... I got 111.
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#13 Posted by Joey_JoeJoe_Jr (55 posts) -

Sporcle is a great and addicting site, visit it regularly. 97

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#14 Posted by Omega_Zero69 (13667 posts) -
i feel like a failed i got 35 :cry:
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#15 Posted by Agent-Zero (6198 posts) -
55. I missed so many that I know! The pressure. I'll try again later
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#16 Posted by deactivated-57e5de5e137a4 (12929 posts) -
61 out of 195. I missed most of Africa, and haven't even heard of some of the new countries there before.
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#17 Posted by optiow (28284 posts) - the end I realized how many I had not got, and they were so obvious!
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#18 Posted by deactivated-5cf4b2c19c4ab (17476 posts) -
123/195, not bad i think since i cant pronounce most of them.
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#19 Posted by Locke562 (7673 posts) -
109. That was tough.
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#20 Posted by realistic44 (8244 posts) -

I could'nt spell some of the names:P


Me too, i was trying to spell this one country i know, it starts with a k :P

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#21 Posted by realistic44 (8244 posts) -

And i dont know if its just me but i got some easy countries wrong :P

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#22 Posted by GenTom (5945 posts) -
77.... i swear i could get 100 tho, i dont feel well today :(
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#23 Posted by comp_atkins (35866 posts) -

bs. you have to be able to spell them right too.... anyway.. i know this whole song... so however many are mentioned here :P

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#24 Posted by kweeni (11396 posts) -
only 41 xD i could have named more but i don't know how they're spelled in english :P
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#25 Posted by drumbreak1 (1316 posts) -

60, thought i knew more than that :D

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#26 Posted by 194197844077667059316682358889 (49173 posts) -
Lessee, there's Markovia, Latveria, Freedonia...
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#27 Posted by pierst179 (10805 posts) -

I got 80. It didn't help me that I only knew some of those countries' names in Portuguese. :P

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#28 Posted by Pvt_r3d (7901 posts) -
I only got 2 is that bad? America and Kanada.
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#29 Posted by gamesbenzlo (36 posts) -




























-Sri lanka


and etc

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#30 Posted by Ring_of_fire (15769 posts) -
Only 95 :( Missed a couple of easy ones, which hurt a lot :(
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#31 Posted by Commander-Gree (4929 posts) -
80. I missed some really obvious ones (Ireland, Poland, Ukraine) and some others because I was having spelling problems (Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Papa New Guinea, etc...)
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#32 Posted by Fire_Emblem_RD (9611 posts) -
I got 171. Missed some Caribbean and African countries
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#33 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
I can't spell some of em so it doesn't count em : /
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#34 Posted by thegerg (18446 posts) -
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#36 Posted by nooblet69 (5162 posts) -

104, I know I can do more than that though.  Probably can do around 120-130 really trying.

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#37 Posted by The__Kraken (858 posts) -

Only 49. I had a massive brain fart, causing me to miss about 30 or 40 others that I know.

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#38 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

necro thread!

i expected old OT to pick up on the topic error and poke fun at TC. i am dissapoint.

seems the only one who noticed was trubluah.

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#39 Posted by Big_Pecks (5973 posts) -

Only 83. Can't believe I missed so many obvious ones.

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#40 Posted by Keisanki (30 posts) -
84... and yes same for me I totally missed a ton of obvious ones
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#41 Posted by Slashless (9528 posts) -


I missed obvious ones like Ireland and Djibouti ;[

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#42 Posted by themajormayor (25729 posts) -
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#43 Posted by sexyweapons (5302 posts) -

66 pretty happy with it.

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#44 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -


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#45 Posted by johnd13 (9789 posts) -

71. I think with the ones I shouldn' t have missed I could get more than 90.

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#46 Posted by Postal_Guy (2643 posts) -

104, I think I did ok

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#47 Posted by MudoSkills (362 posts) -
86 damn it, I missed some really obvious ones. How I managed to get Turkmenistan but forgot Cameroon is a mystery to me.
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#49 Posted by Barbariser (6785 posts) -

149. Playing Victoria 2 and looking at world maps all day long can be quite helpful.

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#50 Posted by tumbIew33d (371 posts) -
No Greenland? Fvck off, Sporcle.