How is the public transport in your country, cities, and state?

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#1 Posted by Lonelynight (30050 posts) -
Are you satisfied with it? or do you wish that the authorities would developed it further?
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#2 Posted by CHOASXIII (14696 posts) -

Sucks in Delaware and I'd rather drive myself.

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#3 Posted by whipassmt (15375 posts) -

I don't use it.

The buses go too fast on my street though, it's ridiculous. The road is somewhat narrow, especially around the ground-level bridge that goes over the swamp waters.

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#4 Posted by LJS9502_basic (166860 posts) -
It sucks and it's expensive.....having a car is better.
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Never used it in my new city, but the metro in DC was great. Also the local bus in the suburb I lived in was very nice.

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Country: Meh.  Needs more trains

State: Also meh

Major cities: Ok I guess, subway/bus if you need it

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the buses dont come often enough. Sometimes, it's every half hour although i drive most places now. Yet i still bus to school because Id rather not deal with morning traffic and paying 15 dollars a day to park the thing at my university.
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#8 Posted by Audacitron (982 posts) -

If I'm going into the city I use it.  Most other places I drive or walk.


I'd like to see significantly more investment in public transport.  It needs to be cheaper, more frequent, more routes, better maps and communication.


I still consider myself lucky in that I have good options for getting around without a car.  I know a lot of areas where you'd basically be trapped.  Which sucks for the young, the old, the blind, and anyone who for whatever reason cannot drive.


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#9 Posted by FrostyPhantasm (8521 posts) -
Buses come every 15-45 minutes, it takes a good 30/60 mins to get anywhere too far to walk. It's only $2.25 which gives you unlimited bus rides one way, so $4.50 for a day of unlimited buses, but I drive everywhere.
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#10 Posted by CKYguy25 (2087 posts) -

there is a city bus that runs daily to transport people

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DC Metro is a poorly managed mess, but it is still better than using a car in most situations.
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#12 Posted by deactivated-5c8ff6a32bb23 (3185 posts) -
Never use it.
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#13 Posted by deactivated-5b1e62582e305 (30778 posts) -

I don't use a car unless I'm traveling more than 10 miles, so yeah it's good. Subway could be better.

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#14 Posted by rocinante_ (1772 posts) -

yeah, it's not bad here. bus comes every 15min during prime times and every 30min during off times. i basically just use it to get to school or to go downtown; everything else round here is within walking distance

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#15 Posted by Wasdie (53592 posts) -

Around me it's non-existent. Too low of a population density to make it worth the cost to the taxpayer. 

When I lived in an area with public transportation I rarely used it. I could usually walk everywhere I needed to go.

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#16 Posted by bnarmz (1372 posts) -

Dirty, expensive and crowded.

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#17 Posted by johnd13 (9772 posts) -

I only take the bus and most times I end up hating it. Too overcrowded for my taste but it' s the only way to get to my university.

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#18 Posted by AcidThunder (2332 posts) -
don't even wanna talk about for the country. int the city only the metro rail is good. the buses are okay i guess but not all are air conditioned. needs a lot more development
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#19 Posted by osirisx3 (2113 posts) -

good the government is invest 50 billion$ to imporve transit.

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#20 Posted by airshocker (31700 posts) -

good the government is invest 50 billion$ to imporve transit.



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#21 Posted by Nengo_Flow (10644 posts) -
South Florida has one of the crappiest Bus systems of all times. One bus per hour, but you know they wont come every hour. The bus-stops are in the middle of no where, and its just a post in the dirt, no bench or anything.
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#22 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

Don't know and don't want to. I prefer driving.

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#23 Posted by coolbeans90 (21305 posts) -

In my suburban hometown, it is laughable: poor routes, unreliable, costs more than gas, and consequently no one ever uses it. In the college town where I currently reside, the college practically subsidizes (students ride it free) it b/c the university can't handle the parking. Buses from my apartment complex to campus (and vice versa) every ten minutes (routes from campus to everywhere in town, too). I wouldn't prefer to ride the bus, but parking is a real nightmare, and fvck paying for parking passes.

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#24 Posted by Teenaged (31764 posts) -

The only problem is the strikes.

Other than that I think its great. I dont mind that some buses are old. The subway is great, always punctual, I just wish it was working 24/7 but in these days I'm glad it simply exists.

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#25 Posted by Engrish_Major (17373 posts) -
Pretty good, as far as the rest of the US is concerned. Though Metro is a horribly-ran organization, I'm lucky to live somewhere with a pretty extensive system. DC is one of 2 metropolitan areas in the country that was actively expanding their transit system in the 70s and 80s when most other cities were destroying themselves by buiding highways instead.
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#26 Posted by SaudiFury (8709 posts) -

it exists.. 

it's just not very good or well developed for citizens. 


Saudi's currently building a lightrail systems in some of the cities like Riyadh, and there are plans to build a regional train system with the rest of the GCC. but its very undeveloped. 



my company has a bus system that works fairly well. private companies do have it. but most of the busses i see are for private companies shuttling the foreign workers around (westerners, and nones alike). 



plenty of taxis in the big more modern cities though.

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#27 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24527 posts) -

In Los Angeles it's so bad that I consider it not to exist at all. Buses come once an hour...maybe, take forever to get anywhere. This is in stark contrast to my old vacation spot of San Francisco which have fast buses that seem to come by the regular stops every 15 minutes or so and if you live near a BART train station  it's absurdly easy to get around the city. 

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#28 Posted by Ricardomz (2715 posts) -

It is really really good.

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#29 Posted by Communist_Soul (3080 posts) -

Pretty bad in Ontario. But the transport though private in Africa is amazing, loved it there.

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#30 Posted by soulless4now (41388 posts) -

Pretty good since there's buses and trains. 

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#31 Posted by hiphops_savior (8472 posts) -
Toronto's bus service sounds like paradise compared to other cities in the States. That said, there's way too much political infighting in Toronto right now for them to even consider how to properly serve the municipality. Province, I would hope for high speed rail, but Ontario has no money right now and the Federal government is more interested in purchasing fighter jets than improving our infrastructure.
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#32 Posted by CKYguy25 (2087 posts) -

Don't know and don't want to. I prefer driving.


better than taking the bus

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#33 Posted by Ackad (3183 posts) -
Love taking the Red line in Chicago :)
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#34 Posted by Ace6301 (21389 posts) -
City: Not too bad. Bus routes are pretty good Province: Hahahaha awful. Ferry System is expensive and it takes forever to get anywhere. Trains are nigh useless. There's large parts of the province where there is literally no humans though so that at least makes sense. Country: Again terrible but given how large Canada is I'm willing to let it slide.
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#35 Posted by TheShadowLord07 (23083 posts) -

The worse part for living in Jakarta was the transportation system,no monorails,no mrts,only the dumb ol' Metro Mini and Kopaja buses,TransJakarta didn't make me feel comfortable either,seriously,what's worse is that red minibus named "microlet" pits at almost everywhere. to replace this,I would recommend anyone walking or drive your ownSmashbrossive50
you're from Indonesia? I just watch the raid last week. was a pretty good movie.

And the transportation is bad for me. seats are small(not really a big guy though) and they always slam on the breaks. its the reason why I would  never play a my nintedo ds on the bus. plus it alwasys crowded. train isn't so bad though are pretty old( busses as well) but its also crowded from time to time. whats worse is that some of the trains stairs don't match with the train's stations platform. Almost feel like I could fall over

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#36 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -
I drive my own car .... public transport full of people with smelly armpits... can't stand them
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#37 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3915 posts) -
The worse part for living in Jakarta was the transportation system,no monorails,no mrts,only the dumb ol' Metro Mini and Kopaja buses,TransJakarta didn't make me feel comfortable either,seriously,what's worse is that red minibus named "microlet" pits at almost everywhere. to replace this,I would recommend anyone walking or drive your own
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#38 Posted by Fire_Emblem_RD (9611 posts) -
Public transport in Sydney is so bad I can't even begin to go into it.
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#39 Posted by sukraj (27859 posts) -

It sucks and it's expensive.....having a car is better.LJS9502_basic

yes its also expensive in the UK

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#40 Posted by MrsSolidSnake (5003 posts) -

Our trains are called sh!ttyrail.

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#41 Posted by Angie7F (1175 posts) -

Absolutely. I live in tokyo.

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#42 Posted by Shadow4020 (2097 posts) -

It's not bad; the city got new busses and there's a light rail.

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#43 Posted by GeneralMufinMan (387 posts) -

in Canada it varies wildy between cities, it's pretty lousy in my hometown but in big cities like Toronto it's supposedly wonderful, actually one of them main factors I intend on moving there is that you can survive without owning your own car.

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#44 Posted by CursedChamp (485 posts) -
Public transit sucks where I live, I have never used it.
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#45 Posted by Ghost_702 (7405 posts) -
It's ok I guess. I've used it in high school, but prefer not to due to all the weird people that use it.
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#46 Posted by KC_Hokie (16099 posts) -
Not very good but we have a great road system for driving. My city is way too spread out geographically to have an effective public transit.
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#47 Posted by Flubbbs (4968 posts) -

never used it before.. i would assume crowded and nasty

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We have everything!! Buses, Trains, Tramps! I only uses buses tho, trains are too pricy.