How do you manage dust?

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Unfortunately, due to the old carpet in my room things get dusty quickly.(We've had this carpet since before I was born. Probably from the 80's.)

It can be annoying when dust collects on games and consoles. Electronics in general. I try to wipe and vacuum everything down once every two months.

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I am very lazy when it comes to dusting TBH. But when I gotta clean so my electronics don’t catch fire lol I use a present I got from someone a long time ago. It’s kind of like a wand that you pass on surfaces and the dust really sticks well to it! I can clean in half the time since I got that dusting wand...I forget what its called though.

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Hardwood floors, radiator heat, and own as little as possible like i do.

Never liked carpets.

Buy yourself a HEPA filter.

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@heirren: Ok thanks very much I'll look into it.

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Every two months dude? I clean the whole house every week lol.

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@goodzorr: Yeah I need to get into the habit of doing it more often. Usually most productive on weekends. Lol

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I'm what you call a "clean freak" type of guy who regularly cleans the house every weekends on a Saturday. I wash dishes, (we have a dish washer machine) Vacuum the house, and clean the bathrooms. My Daughter cleans her own room, I tell her to do it every Saturday as well and my girlfriend (baby mama) also helps with the Kitchen stove but for the most parts, it's usually me doing it. As for my gaming PC, I clean that ever 3 months, I take it outside and use duster compression can to blow the dust away and I do the same for my PS4 & Nintendo Switch as well.

It's how I manage dust in the house, if you do it every weekend, you won't see your house filled with dust.

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@speeny: Do you have any Pets? If so, animal fur can build up carpet with dirty really fast. If you're carpet is as old as you say, have you try to steam clean the carpet by any chance?

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@davillain-: Yep. We’ve got a chihuahua and a Burmese cat that sheds like crazy.

I try to keep them out of my room as much as possible though. So I think the culprit is just the old carpet. Lol.

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well you've won the mundane award

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@davillain-: Also where do you blow to clean your Switch? The one air vent?

My PC becomes riddled with dust if I don’t keep on top of it. Sometimes I will wipe the inside components down but I like to use an air compressor. My grandfather is the only one who owns it though so whenever I wanna clean it out I gotta take PC over to his place.

A lot of people would be against me using an air compressor but I don’t have it on too strong and I make sure to tape the fans down.

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@crimsonllama: Yuh. lol

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I have a little mini vac that I use on my surfaces before I wipe them down. I've been thinking about getting an air purifier for the longest time, though.

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Dust bunnies are the worst those little bastards pop out of nowhere. I use just a regular vacuum cleaner but someday I will get one of those robot vacuum cleaners to do it for me.

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You clean every two months? I clean once or twice a week. It only takes 15 minutes to clean. Carpet collects a lot of dust so I vacuum as often as I can. I buy 2 boxes of swifters a year. I use them to wipe everything down with. Swifter is a cloth that collect dust like magnet. They sell them at walmart or drug stores. If anything has finger prints I use a damp paper towel to wipe things down. If it's glass I use windex on it. My computer desk is glass. I have to clean my computer filters once a week with compressed air. Dust kill electronics and I don't like having to rebuy stuff.

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@jdc6305: The house is fairly clean as is. I just mean I’m too lazy to tackle dust each week as much as I hate it.

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Get a towel and use some Pledge.

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I use an air compressor.

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With pressurized air.