How do you guys feel about time travel plots?

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are they pretty cool or are they stupid?

do they leave your mind blown or are there often too many plot holes leftoverfor the plot to be viable?

i think sometimes, time travel movies have trouble following their own rules and the result is plot hole after plothole. should time go in a straight line where you can only go to the future or one where you can only go to the past? OR is time, as the doctor says, all wibbly-wobbly?

what say you, OT?

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Unless they have a really good reason to be in the series or the movie - (Loopers, for example) then I think they're a waytoeasy way to finsh off a series. Voyager is a good example. She goes back in time and saves the ship and everyone. Big whoop. Then there was Enterprise. I, and probably everyone else, lost interest when it seemed like just about everyone and their brother were hopping all over the time continum like a bunch of fleas!

It can be done well, or poorly, or just because the writers have run out of story.

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Time travel plots tend to present themselves as being more clever than they really are.

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One my favourites is the Stargate SG-1 episode Moebius (season 8 finale).
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ever since I learned about the grandfather paradox, they have been less enjoyable.

If done well, I can still enjoy them though

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Time travel plots tend to present themselves as being more clever than they really are.

i know sometimes, i get confused with time travel plots if it's not EXPLICITLY explained to me
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#7 Posted by GummiRaccoon (13793 posts) -

Done well, they are good, done poorly they are not good.


(Most are done poorly)

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As much as I like sci-fi, I'm not a fan of time travel plots most of the time.  They tend to be wonky and are too often a contrivance to put modern/futuristic characters together with historical ones and it rarely seems done well.  Also, they tend to go overboard with the "time paradox" thing, or throw around other terms and forced life lessons to make them sound more clever than they are.  Then they almost always wind up hitting the reset button with maybe one or two minor alterations to show they "avoided polluting the time stream" or something similar before going back to normal leaving the whole thing feeling vaguely unsatisfying.  

I did like Back to the Future, but time travel in Star Trek for instance I usually don't like (with the exception of First Contact I suppose). 

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They are almost always pretty bad.

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Time travel done right (spoilers for Nolan's Interstellar):

[spoiler] As on their first trip, the black hole grows to dominate the
bottom of the sky, and the stars above them become streaks --time is speeding for them as they are whirled down into the
deep gravity well around the hole.

As they watch, trapped, decades beginto play out in the
system above them. They watch as the ice planet whirls around
them, orbiting the black hole dozens of times.

We're losing years.

Finally, the ice planet plunges past them towards destruction.
As it reaches it slows, until finally it reaches the event
horizon, just as they saw in the projections. Nothing has
prepared them for the reality:


I guess you'll have to see the movie for the conclusion of this scene:P

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When they're done right and there's not too many plot holes (Looper and Back to the Future are good examples), I really enjoy them.

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#12 Posted by Shottayouth13- (7014 posts) -
Makes everything more complicated than it needs to be.
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I can't stand when they result in a paradox. One of the very few that got it right was Star Trek: Voyager "Year of Hell".
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Honestly, they never bother me... I suppose if I sit back and think of the million issues with it, (like back to the future) I'd probably be able to write a book, but  I like that they attempt it and make a good effort in some cases.  It's a VERY tricky subject.  oh and hey mrmusic :D

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There are many instances of Time Travel being a thriving concept in certain medias, but really, I think it's the games that involved Time Travel, that really can be a double-edged sword. There are some games that represent the subject perfectly, Chrono Trigger, Prince of Persia, and Ocarina of Time respectively, then theres.. Final Fantasy XIII-2 *shivers*. Though, in terms of Genre, Sci-Fi seems to be the most "safe" out of the rest to pull it off.

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#16 Posted by wolverine4262 (20831 posts) -
I love Back to the Future
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They are just plain fun. Nothing serious about them usually @_@.

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Not the biggest fan, except for Primer. Thought that was pretty cool.