How Do You Feel About Aladdin 2019? (Spoilers)

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The movie has been out for a week and there has been mixed reception from the online reviewers so far. A lot of praise and a lot of hate. When I went in, I decided to leave my nostalgia for the original at the door and, I actually ended up loving the movie, and I've gone to see it 2 more times. The 2nd time I went was because I actually started to snooze during the previews on my first screening and missed the first 10 minutes of the movie lol. The 3rd time was because I wanted to treat my mom out and I knew she would enjoy this movie.

SO, that being said, let's get into the movie. I thought the cast was phenomenal for this movie. I couldn't have chosen a better cast. The only character I had mixed feelings about was Jafar. The actor who portrayed him is a great actor, however, just because he's a great actor does not mean that he was perfect for this role. I know that the writers needed to make Jafar as human as possible for this film and, I think they succeeded. I already knew walking into this movie that they weren't going to have Jafar be as sadistic and twisted as his animated counterpart. That was obvious to me, instead we got a Jafar who grew up as a common thief who worked his way up to be the sultans adviser. Jafar is still hungry for power but, he is more of a political kind of power hungry. He wants to conquer Agrabah and all their allied kingdoms. He still wants to be above the sultan, still wants to be the most powerful being in the universe, but his creepy lust for Jasmine is practically nonexistent. He eventually attempts to marry Jasmine but, he's doing it more as a huge middle finger to the sultan.

The actors who played Aladdin and Jasmine were very believable IMO. Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott ARE Aladdin and Jasmine. They really did feel like the same characters from the animated films. Naomi probably deserves the most praise for her portrayal of Jasmine in this entire movie. She really brought out her no BS attitude and inner woman strength. She had been given an additional song to sing in this movie which was great the first time she sang it. The 2nd time she sang it was a bit awkward though. They kind of brought the film to a screeching halt so that they could give her some type of music video which should have been separated from the film entirely. The whole song is played and sang in her head so, she starts to sing and people start to fade as if the Disney universe got tied into the Marvel Universe and got affected by the "snap".

Also, Will Smith as the Genie. Damn did he do a great job. All of Will's scenes were funny, and over the top. I didn't feel like he was trying to impersonate Robin Williams. Instead, Will turned that character into his own which, I think is the best thing he could have done. Not once did Will talk or sing like Robin. What I loved about Will was that, he had a completely different energy in comparison to the rest of the cast. He looked like he was having the most fun. You could see that Will enjoyed every moment he was on screen.

Those are my thoughts on Aladdin 2019, hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as I did when you saw it!

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Didn't bother with it, no intention of watching it. Same with pretty much all live action adaption.

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Me and the wife watched it when it first came out while we were in Disney Springs. We loved it.

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I'm still reserving judgment. I'll check it out when it arrives at my library. I love Will Smith, but I just am so indifferent about him in this role. Plus, they should have just kept him black.

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Have not seen it, but I heard it's not as bad as people want it to be haha.

I mean, it's Disney...Disney is usually pretty good entertaining, even on the reboot stuff.

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The Disney live-action adaptions just seem so unnecessary, especially since most of their animated stuff hold up well.

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Haven't seen it. When I watched the trailer, I never got over seeing Will Smith as the all blue genie. That made me cringe.

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@hallenbeck77 said:

The Disney live-action adaptions just seem so unnecessary, especially since most of their animated stuff hold up well.

Yeah, I 'm dragged to all of these things, and it's almost always a reaction of, "Why are they doing these again?"