How do websites/forums keep track of users who use phones?

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Do phones have ip addresses or something that can identify them? I was banned on a forum and I wanna make a new account but I don't wanna let them know I had an account banned there. I think I logged in with both my computer and phone and I can't change my i[ address on my computer.

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I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised since everything is being tracked nowadays

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Every device that connects to the internet has an ip address, if I'm not mistaken.
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Yeah, your phone has an IP. Not the phone itself, but your current package.
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I took a class on this, and yes your phone has an ip address associated to it when you are using the 3g/4g network that has to get rerouted back to your provider. Its been a while so I dont remember all the details so I don't remember how you can change your smartphone's IP. I do know that different providers have different policies on how they distribute the address which would determine how often you get a new address or if you even can (static address).

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Every device connected to internet has an ip address, if it didn't it couldn't be served web pages.
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This is why I use a different accounts on my cell phone and computer although it is very hard to get banned at this site now!