holy crap how low is the site traffic on gamespot?

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#51 Posted by Ballroompirate (25963 posts) -

When a site un bans people, is when you know the site is going downhill and hurting for site hits.

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#52 Posted by gawado (50 posts) -

Anyway while I'm surprised at the users that are still here (the site's loading time is seriously awful, how do you stomach it) I guess that's it for me.

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#53 Posted by Tangmashi (1093 posts) -

@OmegaPillow said:

It's so dead they had to revive banned

Members like myself to keep it going

Trash like you and me have to keep this site alive. GS is counting on us.

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#54 Posted by TruthTellers (3393 posts) -

I haven't been on the OT section here on GS for about 9 months and it's incredible how this thread doesn't even have a 3rd page by now. There's no one big reason why it's not as active as it once was, but the site overhaul was the straw that broke the camel's back. IMO, the lack of quality in video games, the PS4/X1 consoles not having any games worth spending the $400 to buy a new console for, gaming reviews and "journalists", and the death of the unions and groups people came here to interact with. I remember I finally made an account on GS in 2012 so I could complain about how shyte the ending to Mass Effect 3 was and I stayed just for the unions... which in Gamespot's infinite wisdom decided to purge.

I gave up on Gamespot as a serious gaming website late last year with it's review of GTA V not because I joined the R* fanboys who yelled like little girl's having their first periods because it didn't get an 11 out of 10, but because GTA V is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. The single player story was so mismanaged with the 3 main characters and terrible plotting that I fell asleep at points playing it. Then the multiplayer was some of the most boring, repetative, and downright bugged out pieces of crap I've ever touched. How that reviewer who sounded like he'd just woken up in the middle of his sex reassignment surgery could ever give GTA V a score above 7 was sickening especially when all he complained about in the game was how women were depicted.

A question I have is how much did the company that manages GS pay the web designers to build the new overhauled site and why? Doesn't seem like it's been a good investment at all.

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#55 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

@gawado said:

Is this the only place users flock to now? I made a topic on the general games board about pokemon colosseum, a game from a pretty popular series called pokemon, that no one posted in.

Is this site like, dying in terms of actual conversations and discussions on individual game boards and systems and stuff? What happened to this fallout desolated place.

A lot of people left after the site was updated

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#56 Posted by JimB (1735 posts) -

Before the site changes a vote was held in brackets to determine the best game prior to the release of GTA 5. GTA was not winning so Gamespot did not release the winner. Then changed to this piece of crap. They lost all credibility after that and many people just left.

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#57 Posted by darkmark91 (3037 posts) -

I wanna know where everyone went so I can join in on the fun.